Vestel Electric Vehicle Chargers

Onboard charger and Battery Management System: The onboard charger and the BMS define the EV’s maximum charging power and also manage the charging sequence of the batteries.

Electric motor(s): BEVs may have one or more electric motors depending on manufacturers decisions.

Batteries: Batteries may have different technologies. The most common type is Li-ion batteries which we are using almost in every daily used device such as mobiles and laptops. Battery capacity has an important effect on range.

AC or DC connectors: There are different types of connectors depending on car manufacturers and also the geographical place of the vehicle (the same car model have different connector type depending on the country).

AC or DC charging equipment: All BEVs needs to be plugged into the electrical power supply. Depending on the availability and compatibility of the vehicles this charging equipment can be an AC or a DC charger.

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