traffic-lines Hydroblasting Solutions for Road Marking Removal Applications

Traffic-Lines hydroblasting

traffic-lines develops road marking removal solutions that are effective without damaging surfaces and can enable instant remarking.

With pressures up to 3,000bar (43,500psi), the traffic-lines twister hydroblasting solution is a more environmentally friendly system that treats the relevant area with a high-pressure water jet and immediately draws the used water back up with the removed material.

Water-powered road marking removal systems

traffic-lines twister’s innovative patented suction hood reliably removes all kind of old markings such as thermoplastic, cold plastic and marking tapes, without damaging the surface and with only low elution of bitumen.

After the marking removal process with hydroblasting, the surface is almost dry and there is a reduction in siltation so clients can perform remarking immediately.

With its modular design, traffic-lines twister can be customised according to the client’s requirements.

Customised, innovative hydroblasting modular solution

As a result of incorporating mass-produced components and modular design, the traffic-lines twister hydro-blaster offers a cost-effective system that can also be used as a conventional road sweeper.

For instance, the device can be fitted to an existing sweeper machine or incorporate an intelligent water recycling system.

The modular design of the traffic-lines twister also enables an automatic joint covering for marking removal.

Intelligent water reuse and recycling processes for road marking application

Due to the traffic-lines water loop system, the water filling and wastewater draining processes are no longer necessary during operation. This enables quicker turnaround times and reduced material consumption.

As a result, the purified water can be optionally stored or fed back into the process, with pressures of up to 3,000bar. Due to the powerful suction system fitted to the traffic-lines twister, almost residual-free water recycling in the system is ensured.

Automatic joint covering for brittle components

The traffic-lines twister’s joint covering removes road markings and aims to protect fragile components on road surfaces such as bitumen joints on road sections or cross-joints where repairs have been performed, which are to be processed using high-pressure water.

Due to the automatic joint covering, it is possible to individually adjust to every type of joint and automatically protect them without additional personnel during the marking removal process.

Compact hydroblasting units

The compacting unit of the traffic-lines twister features all the required components fitted directly to the sweeper body.

It is suitable for road marking removal applications with turnaround times of approximately three hours.

About traffic-lines

traffic-lines is a new company that builds on the years of experience of a German medium-sized engineering firm and the extensive knowledge in road marking.

The company was founded in order to focus on road marking removal technology in an innovative and customer-focused manner.

The traffic-lines twister is manufactured exclusively in Germany using modern production facilities.

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