Two new road safety initiatives ‘Traffic Calming Markings’ (TrCM) and ‘Your Speed Sign’ (YSS) will be expanded by the Land Transport Authority in Singapore following the success of a pilot run.

The TrCM are white triangular markings painted on the road to create a visually narrower lane that encourages motorists to slow down, while YSS is an electronic sign that displays the speed of a passing vehicle to motorists thereby cautioning them to maintain the speed limit.

In May 2008, the speed discouraging programmes TrCM and YSS where implemented on a pilot basis at different locations. Surveys conducted by LTA showed that overall speeds at these locations decreased by 10%.

The TrCM was initially used in six locations and will be gradually extended to other locations.

The YSS was initially fixed at three locations and observers noted that about 12% more motorists kept to the speed limits at these locations.

A survey of motorists also showed that 72% of drivers felt that the YSS is effective in helping them moderate their driving speeds.