STRATEC RT Anchorage for Guardrails and Dynamic Railing System

STRATEC RT offers its experience and knowledge as a technological partner and regulatory consultant in the safety installation of guardrails for private companies and public institutions.

STRATEC RT creates innovative technologies and products that improve road quality and safety. The company’s two patent-protected products, GroundSleeve and ConcreteSleeve, revolutionise guardrail anchoring systems. In 2018, a third patented product, Raily DRS, opened new opportunities in the global fence and railing system market, making STRATEC RT a leading company in only four years.

Guardrail anchorage solutions for complex road safety issues

Public entities and private companies are increasingly confronted with regulations, safety issues and complex legal challenges that are difficult to solve. It is very important to combine those different aspects in order to offer effective guardrail anchorage solutions that cover complex requirements.

Based on FEM analysis, STRATEC builds a prototype, which is tested in laboratories and then engineered for serial production. All the products guarantee functionality, sustainable pricing, reliability and durability.

Problems connected to the existing guardrail anchoring system

In the case of an unforeseen breakage of a post anchored into the concrete curb or its deformation at a higher ground depth due to less resistance of the narrow embankment, the behaviour of the guardrail is generally very different from the crash test conditions.

Guardrail anchoring system with high impact resistance

GroundSleeve is an innovative metal-finned patented anchoring system at the base of the guardrail post, which covers a greater area of terrain. This determines a higher resistance of the guardrail system by allowing for the correct yield point, which represents generally the critical point of the installations of guardrails on embankments.

On narrow roadsides the problem is greater because low soil quantity and quality can cause rigid, dangerous rotation of the post. Extending the posts with reinforcement pipes of different lengths doesn’t solve the problem.

The GroundSleeve system is designed and configured to allow the post, in the event of real impact, to trigger the deformation mechanisms of all the components. Every GroundSleeve must be analysed and configured according to the type of post, soil characteristics, distance between the post and embarkment, slope of the shoulder and other determining factors.

According to the standards EN-1317-5, STRATEC RT’s GroundSleeve does not alter the geometrical and mechanical features of the certified guardrail but intervenes just on the ground to guarantee a greater impact resistance.

  • Quick and simple installation with the traditional ‘pile driver’
  • Easy installation of GroundSleeve on already installed guardrails. Geometric and structural adaptability to all sections of posts on the market, offers optimal connection and guarantees the formation of the correct yield point at the base.
  • Provides safeguard and legal protection for the road infrastructure operator in case of road accidents.
  • In the event of a vehicle crash, the system remains in place and intact. The damaged post can be easily changed.
  • STRATEC RT offers for free a proper design and calculation service for each project.

Easy installation and maintenance of guardrails

ConcreteSleeve is a special metallic containing sleeve placed at the base of the guardrail that revolutionises the installation, replacement and maintenance of guardrails. It simplifies significantly all the installation jobs around the concrete curb. The post is quickly installed but also very easy to remove.

With ConcreteSleeve, in case of accidents, the posts will always deform close to the same position, guaranteeing the same behaviour for all safety guardrail parts as an integral system. As a result, it is compliant with the certified safety standards.

Advantages of ConcreteSleeve include:

  • Direct and solid connection to the reinforcement of the concrete curb, guarantees the same position, safety conditions over time and continuity of the whole structure
  • Triggering the correct behaviour of the post as in the certified crash test by reaching the correct yield point at the right position, thereby ensuring compliance with the regulations in every situation and/or condition
  • Safeguarding and legal protection for the road infrastructure management entities in case of road accidents, due to the right behaviour of the guardrail system
  • Easy positioning and quick mounting / fixing of the guardrail posts; the rapid replacement of them saves significant time with less maintenance operations. In case of post-accidents, the replacement of the post also avoids reconstruction work on the concrete curb by saving money.

Dynamic railing system

RAILY DRS is a highly innovative, versatile fence and railing system. Due to patented multidirectional feet on each post and sliding joints, the modules can be adapted easily and perfectly to every slope and curve, guaranteeing a high resistance to impact.

RAILY DRS can be easily installed directly on site without any need of measurements and land surveys. It is available in different materials, coatings and standardised dimensions according to norm UNI EN 1317-6.

Raily DRS can be installed on streets, sidewalks, bridges, viaducts, industrial areas, for property division, bike and pedestrian paths.

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