Measuring Speed Display Signs and Systems

NWK Technology

NWK TECHNOLOGY specialises in the development and manufacturing of industrial electronics and radar speed measuring displays for road traffic.

Since 2004, more than 480 units have been installed in the Czech Republic. Drivers, as well as council officers, have been receiving positive results with regards to reducing speeds of approaching vehicles and increasing the safety of pedestrians.

Road vehicle speed displays

Our products such as the IPR10, IPR20, IPR30 and IPR30C displays have a classic aluminium case with casted aluminium corners.

The front polycarbonate desk is 5mm thick and has a durable matt surface.

Double message signs (DMS) for traffic information

The additional text displays of our double message signs (DMS), such as 'Too Fast', 'Caution' or 'Children', have a positive effect on approximately 60% of drivers passing by schools and playgrounds during school hours.

Speed monitoring software

Speed-monitoring software and TCP/IP or Bluetooth connectivity allows local councils to evaluate key problem areas and where law enforcement by state police is required.

Our software package includes:

  • Bluetooth II or TCP/IP or GSM connection
  • Microsoft Excel reporting of peak speeds, in addition to average speed a minute
  • Status monitoring and setting configuration of system indication displays (SID)

Specialised system integrators

NWK TECHNOLOGY has many advantages for system integrators such as:

  • Infrared remote control unit
  • Remote control of the device, via TCP/IP or GSM

Ideal for changing of every important setting on our SID, these are integral when fixing mast installations. For instance, an infrared remote control unit can configure the correct sensitivity or reaction distance in ten levels.

  • Doppler-controlled LED traffic signs

A lighting symbol will appear if the driver exceeds the speed limit. The B20A model provides similar functions as other SIDs, such as our IPR10 model.

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Available White Papers


Your Speed Sign 13 October 2015 Your speed sign, or measuring panel, is a piece of equipment that displays to passing drivers his or her actual speed. After knowing the local speed limit, the most drivers (around 60%) slow down once they realise they are speeding.


IPR30C Speed Information Panel (Speed Sign) 23 July 2015 Speed sign, or speed measuring panel, is a piece of equipment which displays to passing drivers his/her actual speed. Knowing the local speed limit, the driver normally (70% of the time) slows down.


SLIM_LED4 - Lighting System for Pedestrian Crossings 21 July 2015 The idea of implementing a new solution is based on the unsatisfactory lighting of pedestrian crossings in the Czech Republic, but also in the neighbouring states of the former Eastern Bloc.