Redflex Traffic Systems

Speed Enforcement and ANPR Systems

Redflex Traffic Systems

Redflex is a leading supplier of digital traffic enforcement systems and solutions, including red light, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) and average speed, in addition to fixed and mobile speed enforcement.

The company offers a range of detection technologies, from dual radar and mapping radar technology to digital loop and piezoelectric sensors, in order to provide detection accuracy across up to six lanes of approaching or receding traffic.

All Redflex photo enforcement systems are highly customisable with a range of optional accessories to enable users to specify systems tailored to their needs.

Red light enforcement

REDFLEXred-radar and REDFLEXred fixed red light enforcement systems use radar or Redflex digital loops to provide the enforcement of intersection red light offences across up to six lanes of approaching or receding traffic, with positive vehicle and lane identification.

Speed enforcement

Redflex speed enforcement solutions include fixed and portable systems that use dual radar technology, loops or piezos to deliver accurate speed enforcement across up to six lanes of traffic simultaneously with vehicle length, lane identification and vehicle classification.

Mobile speed enforcement

Ideal for all mobile speed enforcement applications, REDFLEXradarcam is the first mobile speed enforcement system to use dual radar technology to provide detection accuracy with positive vehicle identification. The system is ideal for tripod or in-vehicle mounting.

Combined red light and speed enforcement

REDFLEXred-radar and REDFLEXred offer simultaneous enforcement of red light and speed offences or combined red light and speed offences across up to six lanes of concurrent traffic, with lane identification and vehicle classification.

Average speed enforcement

Redflex point-to-point average speed enforcement uses high-repetition digital camera technology, as well as loops or radar to measure the average speed over a specified distance, rather than at a single point. Vehicles are identified when entering and leaving the enforcement section and their average speed is calculated on timed intervals between these two points.

Automatic number plate recognition

REDFLEXanpr is a scalable, fully automated number plate recognition system for a wide range of traffic and access control applications. A single high-resolution camera with integrated LED illumination and separate camera control unit accurately recognises number plates from most European countries and many other countries worldwide.

Modular technology

Redflex enforcement systems are highly customisable, with a range of options to suit a most deployment applications and enabling systems to be configured to meet the most demanding traffic enforcement requirements of international municipal and police authorities.

Infringement management software

Redflex digital photo enforcement systems are enhanced by a range of enforcement and infringement management software, including:

  • REDFLEXiips, an advanced evidence and infringement management system, able to process tens of thousands of incidents a day from large camera networks
  • REDFLEXdcms for real-time remote monitoring of a network of enforcement cameras


A comprehensive range of optional accessories includes live video capability for additional incident verification and an auxiliary front-view camera for driver facial recognition and front number plate identification. Advanced lane and vehicle type identification enables lane-specific and vehicle-specific speed enforcement.

About Redflex

Founded in 1997, Redflex is a major player in the global traffic safety enforcement industry. With the largest base of outsourced digital photo enforcement systems in the world, Redflex has the experience and expertise to meet the unique needs and requirements of each jurisdiction.

Redflex's leading-edge product development, quality products, professional advice and comprehensive service enables the company to provide a range of services and products, tailored to the specific enforcement programme requirements:

  • Complete outsourcing solutions, including camera operations, processing, document management and case management
  • Program design and development
  • Project management
  • Training
  • Finance
  • Support and maintenance

Redflex has offices in Australia, America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Redflex digital traffic systems are installed in more than 60 countries worldwide.

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