Duran Electronica Environmental and Gas Monitoring Solutions for Road Infrastructure

Duran Electronica is one of the leading suppliers of gas detection and environmental control products for underground car parks and road tunnels in Europe.

As manufacturers and distributors of safety products, we provide a complete solution that covers gas detection, linear heat detection, air quality control and public address/voice alarm systems.

We provide high-quality, reliable products that are in use within hundreds of tunnels and thousands of car parks in more than 20 countries worldwide. Please check our website to see the wide range of products and installation references available.

Gas detection systems for underground car parks

DURPARK and DURGAS gas detection systems are designed to cover your gas detection needs in underground parking areas, in which we have specialized for more than 30 years.

DURPARK is an addressable control panel with up to four independent module lines that can control up to 64 carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) detectors equipped with electrochemical sensors.

DURGAS offers enhanced functionalities, it can be integrated into a larger control system using Modbus or OPC server protocols. It controls up to 64 detectors for a wide range of toxic and explosive gases (CO, NO2, H2, CH4….) with detectors using electrochemical, pellistor and infrared sensors. Up to four gases can be detected simultaneously in each module line.

Gas and fire detection solutions for road networks

We provide optimal solutions for gas detection in road tunnels through the use of carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) detectors using electrochemical sensors. We also provide fast and reliable fire detection using linear heat detection (LHD) cable.

The DURTOX and SONDELTOX detectors provide all-around protection from harmful toxic gases produced by vehicle engines. These detectors have to be installed throughout the tunnel and provide information so that the tunnel ventilation system can be activated should toxic gas levels reach an unsafe level.

Affordable and easy to install, LHD cable detects temperature rise at any point throughout its length, giving out an alarm signal when its specified alarm temperature is reached in the area around the cable.

Opacimeters for measuring air opacity

Opacimeters are used to measure opacity through suspended particles (dust, gas emissions and smoke).

The Sentry opacimeter distributed by Duran Electronica uses the principle of forward scattering to ensure performance over a wide range of particle sizes. It does not need to be calibrated on site and is resistant to external vibrations.

Using the Sentry opacimeter for air quality control allows ventilation systems to be optimised and so reduces energy usage.

Anemometers for wind measurements

Anemometers give precise information regarding the speed and direction of wind both inside and outside a tunnel. This is important to better control the fans, so that air can be pushed out by them in the same direction of the wind in case of smoke or toxic gases.

Duran Electronica supplies ultrasonic bidirectional anemometers for inside tunnel use, as well as cup and vane anemometers for outside use. Both are rugged, durable units that are easy to install.

Light sensors for tunnels

Light sensors are needed both inside the tunnel and near the tunnel entrances. Lux meters control the lighting inside the tunnel, ensuring drivers have adequate levels of light.

The luminance meter, or light meter, is used near the tunnel entrances to allow lighting to be bright or dull enough to decrease the contrast between the outside and inside of the tunnel, which can be dangerous for drivers.

Compact weather stations

Weather stations supplied by Duran Electronica will provide you with any parameter you need to measure the weather, including relative humidity, temperature, precipitation, wind speed, atmospheric pressure and many others.

They are compact weather stations that are easy to install, easy to use and do not require maintenance.

Public address / voice alarm (PA/VA) systems

For the public address system needs in road tunnels, Duran Electronica offers the NEO EN 54-16 certified public address (PA) and voice evacuation system.

It is a compact system with plug-and-play connections that facilitates the installation and maintenance processes and provides a wide range of protocols, Cobranet and Flexnet, to send and receive audio over standard Ethernet networks without special cabling.

It can be easily integrated with other systems such as fire detection or intercoms, and is web-controlled using its own software.

Atmospheric sensors for road installations

For specialised applications in roads and tunnels, Duran Electronica offers various precision instruments that cover a wide range of needs for road installations.

We supply visibility meters, rain gauges, humidity and temperature sensors, barometers, pyranometers and pavement ice sensors.

If you are interested in or have any questions regarding our range of products, please feel free to send us an enquiry using the contact form.

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