Phantom Intelligence LiDAR Digital Signal Processing Technology for the Road Industry

Phantom Intelligence has always been at the forefront of digital signal processing for automotive applications. The focus of the industry has, for a long time, been to achieve autonomy at L4/L5 levels, side stepping L2/L3 applications.

At Phantom Intelligence, we’ve always been strong proponents of not skipping steps. That’s why we offer high-performance digital signal processing for solid-state flash light detection and ranging (LiDAR) that enables less expensive, more robust, more reliable sensors for advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS).

With PI inside, you can do away with expensive, high-resolution mechanical sensors, instead using solid-state technology with the necessary power for applications direly needed by the automotive industry—today.

Digital signal processing systems for road vehicles

Phantom Intelligence’s LiDAR digital signal processing is multi-layered, enabling greater edge processing. It manages everything from acquisition to threat assessment.

Adaptable, scalable processing

Our algorithms can be plugged into any system, making them easily adjustable to field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), central processing units (CPUs), and digital signal processors (DSPs). The configurable acquisition layer is also easy to adapt to multiple LiDAR architectures, depending on your requirements.

Reliable LiDAR sensors for cars

For every LiDAR configuration, we tune the workflow to strike the optimal balance between responsiveness, range, and efficiency for given application constraints.

Superior performance and reliability

Our digital signal processing algorithms replace analogue thresholding detection circuits used by most LiDAR sensors even in high-resolution devices. This effectively increases the detection range and reliability, notably by reducing false positives.

Robust LiDAR sensors are made possible through digital signal processing to reliably detect obstacles further and faster, even at highway speeds. Even conventional high-resolution scanned LiDAR can benefit from enhanced range and stability using our technologies.

Our digital signal processing is a key element in building high-performance LiDAR sensors, showcasing the power of our technology in our platforms.

Licensing and customised development collaborations are available to those who want to customise our reference designs.

Solid-state flash LiDAR sensors

Sentinel™ is our mid-range solid-state flash LiDAR sensor. At highway speeds, this technology can reliably detect reflective obstacles up to 200m (656ft) and pedestrians up to 35m (115ft) away. That’s almost two entire football fields distant, including the end zones.

With a two-line field of view (FoV), Sentinel covers 25°×3.9° (H×V). The range and FoV can be designed to meet specific needs.

Phantom Intelligence offers an ultra-compact, short-range solid-state flash LiDAR sensor known as Guardian™.

The small size and low-power consumption of Guardian makes it an ideal platform for space-constrained robots or vehicles, where it can detect obstacles at distances up to 40m (131ft). The affordable Guardian LiDAR sensor can be strategically positioned around a vehicle to provide 360° awareness as its small footprint reduces the visual impact on platform design.

IP licensing and custom engineering services for traffic applications

As Phantom Intelligence algorithms can be plugged into any system and customers may have very specific requirements for volume production, we offer various licensing plans for our internet protocol (IP) to be integrated into clients’ hardware platforms.

Phantom Intelligence has the experience and skilled professionals to support companies that are lacking resources, time or the necessary expertise to integrate solid-state LiDAR sensors into their platforms.

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Press Release

Phantom Intelligence Launch First Compact Digital Flash LiDAR Sensor

A leader in digital processing for safety sensors, Phantom Intelligence has proudly announced the launch of the first compact digital flash LiDAR sensor on the market. 

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Press Release

28 August 2019

A leader in digital processing for safety sensors, Phantom Intelligence has proudly announced the launch of the first compact digital flash LiDAR sensor on the market. 

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