TAPCO Traffic and Parking Safety and Control Products

Founded in 1956, Traffic & Parking Control Company (TAPCO) manufactures and distributes thousands of road traffic and parking safety products, including:

  • Traffic and parking signs, posts, brackets and hardware
  • ADA parking, OSHA and custom signs; die cuts
  • Sign-making software and hardware
  • V-LOC breakaway sign / mailbox anchoring systems
  • Decorative StreetScaping products: lighting, poles, signs and brackets
  • Traffic signals and parking / revenue systems in select regions

LED lights with auto-brightness circuitry

Solar-powered, flashing LED BlinkerSigns make traffic, parking and industrial scenarios safer. They reduce accidents and injuries, and save lives anywhere that a more conspicuous warning is beneficial.

Benefits of BlinkerSign include:

  • High-intensity LEDs command attention day and night
  • EZ-Install anywhere in just minutes
  • No trenching, concrete or wiring needed
  • MUTCD compliant, ITS compatible
  • Fully programmable, wireless synchronicity
  • Day-Viz™ circuitry automatically adjusts LED brightness

Sign and mailbox anchor systems

Upon impact these yield-and-release breakaway sign and mailbox anchor systems release posts safely while the anchor remains intact, saving you time and money on replacement. The unique drive-in wedge is all that is needed to secure a post into the permanent anchor.

The benefits of V-Loc post anchor include:

  • NCHRP 350 crashworthy
  • FHWA compliant, AASHTO approved
  • Minimizes work crews’ exposure to traffic

Flashing LED traffic paddles

TAPCO’s innovative LED-enhanced traffic paddles protect road workers, emergency personnel, crossing guards and schoolchildren. Standard legends are STOP/STOP and STOP/SLOW, with other custom legends, color and sheeting available. The LEDs match the sign’s background color and shape so drivers can recognize and react sooner. The LEDs flash in unison, 59 times per minute.

Its benefits include:

  • Visible up to a mile away
  • Federally (MUTCD) compliant
  • Lightweight design minimizes arm and wrist stress
  • Recharge the batteries right in the handle

Sign inventory and retroreflectivity systems

TAPCO’s proprietary DataLink & SignIT software allows you to maintain a simple, yet detailed account of your sign assemblies’ history of inventory, inspection and maintenance. Their use, either with a manual inspection process or with the RetroSign® GR3, automates data entry and use. Its benefits include:

  • Designed specifically for municipalities by a traffic sign manufacturer (TAPCO)
  • Reduces time and labor costs required to monitor and maintain an effective inventory
  • Entire SHS sign library is built in for quick reference, saving time

Sequential dynamic curve warning systems

TAPCO’s sequential dynamic curve warning systems (SDCWS) feature flashing LED Chevron BlinkerSigns® to warn and guide drivers safely through curves. When activated by the ITS device of your choice, such as radar sensing a vehicle’s speed, the system wirelessly directs the LED-enhanced chevron signs to flash sequentially, providing a ‘guide-through’ effect. Other wireless ITS activators include push buttons, bollards, motion-activated and loops.


  • 100% solar-powered and wireless: eliminates costs of installation and operating costs for power
  • Multi-modal timing: sequential, alternate or user defined
  • Fully programmable and remotely operational via intra / internet

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Traffic & Parking Control Co., Inc.

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