CKC Equipment Kerb Cleaners, Flange Locks and Pipe Preparation Tools for Kerbs

CKC Equipment designs, develops and sources products for the global civil construction and mining industries.

Our equipment has been used for a wide client base, which includes some of Australia’s largest construction companies, local councils, government departments and mining supply companies.

Every piece of equipment produced is designed to improve site safety, productivity and reduce on-the-job costs and risks. The majority our products are designed and manufactured on site.

Kerb cleaners for the mining industry

The now well-known Contractor’s Kerb Cleaner has been making life on site easier and saving on construction costs for many years now. This gutter sweeper reduces labour costs and repetitive strain injuries (RSI) caused by manually sweeping long sections of kerb and channel.

Designed to facilitate gutter cleaning, it significantly reduces manual labour, kerb damage and downtime for other machines such as graders and rollers.

The Contractor’s Kerb Cleaner is capable of efficiently cleaning a 150mm-thick windrow and spreading gravel evenly in front of grader with no bumps to upset the final trim.

The machine can be used on areas against island kerbing, profiled excavation and highway barriers where tractor or bobcat brooms cannot reach, in addition to asphalt repairs that are too narrow for tractor or bobcat brooms.

Features of the Contractor’s Kerb Cleaner include:

  • Kawasaki engines fitted with air intake and oil filter designed for Australian conditions
  • All bearings, belts and other components are commonly available
  • Wheel alignment adjustable for other applications
  • No special parts or tools are required for ongoing operation and maintenance
  • Standard and modified brushes are available
  • Brushes are securely retained by a single bolt
  • Adjustable handles allow easy and safe operation by different operators while reducing the risk of back injuries
  • Frame-protected engine
  • Handles fold fully forward to facilitate transport
  • Lightweight construction

Hydraulic kerb making machines

The Pro Kerb machine features no electrics or mechanical gearboxes, simplified maintenance and operation with a high-quality end product while completing the job quicker.

Our machine offers a faster production speed, steel rod-reinforced kerbing, tigher radius kerbs and a quiet operation. It can also be used with wetter mixes to create a denser, stronger surface.

With a shorter body, improved engine access and easily replaceable parts, the Pro Kerb facilitates mould changes and maintenance. It can lay kerb below road level next to an existing road surface without having to dig a channel for the entire machine.

Features of Pro Kerb include:

  • Built-in chain for towing across gullies
  • Ability to feed reinforcing rod through ram and into kerb as you go so no steel fixers are required
  • Oil is filtered, the breather has a filter and the oil filter has a gauge to indicate back pressure
  • The tank has a shut-off valve in the event a pipe connection has to be broken
  • Quieter, smoother operation due to reduced reps per minute
    Height-adjustable tiller steering

Hydraulic split flange caps

The Flangelock Tool allows for the simple sealing of open SAE Code 61, 62 & 62 CAT-Style hydraulic flanges without tools.

These hydraulic split flange caps are made with lightweight, high-tensile strength anodised aluminium, and offers a leakproof solution to hydraulic system and environmental cleanliness.

Designed to eliminate hydraulic oil spills and clean-up, operators do not need any specialised installation tools or hardware, as it can be easily installed or removed.

The caps are available in a wide range of sizes and come in kits that tailor to specific requirements.

Pipe cut and bevel tools

This Pipe Boss unit it designed specifically for PVC, PE, UPVC and various other non-metallic pipes.

A 150mm pipe takes less than 30 seconds and the pipe end is not feathered. The cut is square and the shavings fall to the ground. Not only is your pipe preparation expedited and quality improved, there is no safety risk for workers.

This machine is simple to use as a single adjustment can accommodate pipes from 100mm to 500mm, and features aluminium components, stainless-steel bolts and sealed bearings to ensure a high-quality product.

The cutting elements always remain within the bounds of the guide plates so all power unit safety features are retained.

Pipe Master and Pipe Master MKII versions are suitable for applications requiring ductile iron and glass-reinforced pipe. Our simple and robust design enables you to make adjustments for walls and pipes ranging from 100mm to 500mm, as well as 400mm to 1,100mm for the Pipe Master MKII.

Spare parts

CKC Equipment has a large variety of spare parts available at all times such as from replacement brooms and brushes, V-Belts, specialised diamond coated cutters and blades, as well as a range of accessories.

For the benefit of our customers, all components used are standard equipment available from a variety of different suppliers to ensure local supply and prompt service can be provided limiting any downtime while waiting for components.

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