Euromecc Concrete Production and Transportation Solutions

Euromecc manufactures concrete production and transportation solutions for the road, mining, design and petrochemical industries.

To meet the various requirements of its client base, the company’s portfolio includes mobile, compact, stationary and on-site batching plants, as well as trailer pumps, recycling plants, cement silos and feeding systems.

Wet and dry stationary concrete batching plants for road applications

Providing clients with custom-made solutions, Euromecc designs and manufacturers stationary batching plants for cement and concrete applications. The company produces almost all the batches’ components and assembles them in its factory.

Each type of plant is suitable for settled building sites and can be equipped with a concrete mixer, which distinguishes wet and dry concrete batching plants.

Wet batching plants blend additives, aggregates, cement and water to guarantee an improved concrete quality, optimising water / cement ratio.

Mobile batching plants for road applications

Euromecc produces a range of mobile batching plants to meet individual customer requirements. These ensure a fast installation and easy transportation, while providing the same production of a stationary batching plant.

The Euromobil T20 is ideal for dry concrete production. The Fast 2000 / 1330 Pisa, which is suitable for wet concrete production, is equipped with a planetary mixer and has a theoretical hourly output of 60m³/h.

Both the Fast 1500 / 1000 Milano and the Fast 750 / 500 Torino are suitable for pre-mixed concrete production, making them ideal for construction companies and precast concrete producers.

Concrete precast batching plants

Equipped with a planetary mixer, Euromecc’s precast concrete plants produce homogenous high-quality precast concrete.

The combined storage capacity of the plant varies from 95m³ up to 260m³. Multiple mixer models are available, with a compacted concrete output per cycle ranging from 0.25m³ up to 3m³:

  • Euro 3 Mix and Mix / MP: small plants that produce three to six bins of concrete
  • MOD: a medium-to-high plant that produces two- 12 bins
  • Euro 3 Mix / 2 MP: comes with two planetary mixers and a deviator to meet the production requirements of girders, bricks and blocks
  • Euro Colormix: a distribution system for concrete of various colours, comes with two, three or four hoppers for colours accumulated within the same frame.

Concrete washing and recycling systems

Euromecc is committed towards environmental concerns and offers its customers solutions that comply with industry regulations. Our concrete recycling systems resolve the issue of the recovery of washing truck pumps and mixers and residual concrete.

Euro-eco is a recycling system that is characterised by its compact structure. Solid constituents of remaining concrete are washed through a screw, allowing the system to retrieve aggregates with a diameter of more than 0.3mm enclosed within the washing water of concrete pumps or mixers.

Using a spiral system that rotates inside an inclined drum, Euro-wash is a concrete separator that splits solid materials with diameters of up to 0.15mm. Water, cement and fine particles are discharged by overflow into storage tanks, enabling them to be reused within the production cycle. Three Euro-wash models are available, each with an hourly capacity between 10m³ and 25m³.

Pug mill continuous mixing plants

Designed for road basement foundations and zero slump concrete, continuous mixing plants have an hourly output of up to 300m³/h. The quantity of cement produced is measured by a weighing system with three loading cells arranged on the cement batch.

Models such as Euro 2 Mix / MC Mobile, Euro 2 Mix / CMA Mobile and Euro 3 / 4 Mix / MC Stationary offer aggregate storage capacities from 30 / 125 and have hourly outputs between 150m³/h and 300m³/h.

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