Snowek Sweepers and Snow Plow Attachments for Loaders, Trucks and Tractors


Snowek designs high-end street sweepers and pick-up brooms, as well as snow plow, sweeper and caterpillar attachments for wheel loaders, trucks, JCBs and tractors.

Sweeper attachments for loaders

Snowek’s portfolio includes bucket sweepers, waterless street sweepers and vacuum sweepers.

It also offers pick-up brooms, rotary brooms and collecting sweeper attachments for cleaning gritting sand, winter sand, debris and industrial dust from streets, container yards, harbours, airports and industrial sites.

The company’s sweepers have been awarded a Maintenance Innovation of the Year Award in 2013 for high-pressure dust control technology that minimises visible street dust by 82% during sweeping. All brooms can be delivered with easy-to-install quick couplings and bolted adaptors for the loader / tractor.

Snowek sweepers are also delivered with a harbour kit that combines the high-pressure dust control system and a pressure washer for cleaning containers, tight areas and bus stops.

Snow plows for loaders

Snowek snow maintenance attachments consist of multi-functional U-shaped wing-assisted snow ploughs, articulated snow blades, diagonal ploughs and bucket spreaders.

The company’s U-ploughs are the ideal solution for urban roads, parking lots, airports, harbours and seaports, industrial sites, municipalities and urban districts.

Articulated snow ploughs are suitable for parking areas and smaller side roads and municipalities, while diagonal snow ploughs are designed for efficient road maintenance on rural roads and in countryside areas.

Bucket brooms for loaders

Snowek bucket brooms are suitable for sand, dust and debris sweeping applications.

The company offers products with 360° rotation, such as Circulus-bucket or traditional bucket sweepers.

Features include:

  • Up to 1,100l efficient bucket capacity
  • Available working widths between 1.50m and 2.20m
  • Sweeping speed up to 6km/h
  • Combined with 4t-16t wheel loaders and skid steer loaders (operating weight)
  • Hydraulics requirement 55l/min – 75l/min (160bar – 230bar)

Collecting sweepers

Snowek pick-up brooms and debris collecting attachments enhance the sweeping capabilities of loaders and tractors.

They are accompanied by sweeper harbour / industrial kits, which increase pressure washer efficiency for cleaning hard-to-reach areas.

Features include:

  • Available working widths: between 1.50m and 3.20m
  • Sweeping speed up to 6km/h
  • Efficient dust container capacity up to 600l
  • Combined with 4t-20t wheel loaders and skid steer loaders (operating weight)
  • Hydraulics requirement 35l/min – 65l/min (160bar – 230bar)

Rotary brooms

Snowek rotary brooms and roller brushes efficiently remove sand, dust, debris and snow.

The company offers models with front-mounted rotary, power take-off (PTO) driven rear and excavator brooms. These are compatible with trucks, excavators, wheel loaders, skid steer vehicles, tractors and maintenance trucks.

Features include:

  • Working widths available from 1m to 3.60m
  • Brush speeds up to 300rpm
  • Hydraulics requirements 55l/min – 80l/min (160bar – 230bar)

U ploughs for wheel loaders

Designed in the tough and demanding snow conditions of Finland, the U plough features one of the market’s only positive blade angle ploughs, which are lighter and more stable when pushing large amounts of snow, with significantly less fuel consumption.

Top link flotation allows efficient vertical and horizontal flotation according to the road surface, and a spring-loaded blade mechanism increases safety and limits damages.

Snowek snow ploughs feature working widths between 1.5m and 6m, and come with simple bolted adaptors. Quick couplings make the ploughs easy to mount with 3t-16t loaders and tractors.

Truck-mounted snow brooms

Snowek offers truck-mounted rotary brooms for snow brushing and street sweeping operations. Mounted on the chassis, the A280K snow brush turns under the truck to increase efficiency.

Snow brushes are tailor-made to fit the customer’s truck chassis, and can be delivered directly to the nearest port.

Features include:

  • Operating speed up to 40km/h
  • 500mm bristle diameter
  • Up to 520RPM

Vacuum sweeper attachments

Snowek’s revolutionary Trombia vacuum sweepers combine the benefits of self-propelled vacuum sweepers and mechanical sweeper attachments.

Powered by the patent-protected Trombia cleaning method, the sweepers vacuum large debris and fine dust from streets and industrial areas, and its waterless dust control provides a unique solution to many industrial sites where water is not possible. The waterless functionality also makes it possible to sweep in sub-zero temperatures.

Trombia vacuum sweeper attachments are available on pre-order now.

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Press Release

Trombia Receives EU PM10 Street Dust Certification

Finnish road maintenance innovator Snowek Oy has received the European Union PM10 street dust certification for its flagship innovation, waterless street sweeper attachment Trombia.

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Street and Industrial Area Cleaning Made Waterless

Snowek's long-awaited Trombia products were delivered to the market in spring 2016.

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Press Release

15 June 2017

Finnish road maintenance innovator Snowek Oy has received the European Union PM10 street dust certification for its flagship innovation, waterless street sweeper attachment Trombia.

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