Acyclica Cloud-Based Platforms for Traffic Infrastructure

Acyclica has built a leading Smart City logistics platform that supports a number of solutions in the transportation sector.

Founded in 2011, the company has invented technology to monitor how people and things move throughout cities and developed a Cloud platform to centrally aggregate, analyse and distribute information.

Cloud-based intelligent transportation systems (ITS)

Acyclica partners with cities to help them understand how Big Data can be used to improve the efficiency of their roadways, reducing congestion and emissions, and ultimately helping them prepare their infrastructure for connected and autonomous vehicles.

Specialising in the intelligent transportation systems (ITS) sector, the company integrates Wi-Fi into its congestion monitoring and travel-time applications, which provided the initial framework for its Cloud platform.

Working together with various technology providers, Acyclica focuses on developing a platform that can integrate data from universal hardware on road networks. These partners provide a vast array of data types from intersection vehicle counts to traffic signal light data, these information sources stream to the Cloud where they can be processed in real-time.

Acyclica’s Cloud technology transforms this transportation internet of things (IoT) datasets into valuable information through advanced real-time data fusion and analytics.

Cloud analytics and solutions for traffic applications

With a focus on innovation and customer applications, Acyclica is a leading provider of Cloud analytics and solutions for the ITS industry.

Acyclica’s Cloud Layer for Infrastructure enables cities to manage their transportation assets, automate and continuously collect valuable traffic information and improve roadway safety.

Various software modules have been developed to help agencies report key performance indicators (KPIs), improve traffic signal timing or view incidents in real-time. By hosting data in the Cloud, the company enables agencies to share data and seamlessly collaborate on infrastructure improvement projects.

Acyclica has built the Cloud Layer for Infrastructure on Amazon Web Services allowing agencies to confidently shift data-intensive applications to the Acyclica platform which can provide 99.999% uptime at a fraction of the cost an agency would incur if hosting the infrastructure themselves.

The company’s software solutions allows agencies to aggregate traffic signal data, vehicle volume data, travel-times and intersection delay from nearly any ITS sensor. Homogenisation of such information allows clients access to sophisticated data fusion reporting and adds significant value to the agency.

Amazon’s extensive Cloud infrastructure allows the company to offer regional solutions worldwide by utilising localised data centres, thereby conforming to security guidelines that may vary from country to country.

Clients worldwide utilise Acyclica technology for various mission-critical applications.
Some of these use cases, which are deployed in 115 cities throughout 17 countries include:

  • Adaptive traffic system optimisation
  • Travel demand modeling
  • Work zone management
  • Origin / destination analysis
  • Route utilisation
  • Crowd analytics, including retail and advertising

In addition, the value of the information collected by Acyclica’s technology has broad applications in the enterprise markets such as advertising and market analytics. By working to monetise this data, the company shares revenue from data sales back to the partner agency, creating a revenue stream and valuable insights.

Critical infrastructure traffic data platform

Acyclica provides the communication pathway to deliver critical infrastructure data from the road to the vehicle and/or the driver.

Drivers throughout the US are able to use Acyclica-powered solutions to receive traffic signal state information with only 150ms of latency through the Cloud.

The company is also working with vehicle-to-everything (V2X) specialists so that information can be directly transmitted by dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) and in the near-future, 5G.

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