Adder Technology High-Performance KVM Solutions for Road Traffic Control Operations

Adder Technology has been manufacturing high-performance IP keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) solutions designed to bring ergonomic benefits and flexibility to road traffic control operations for over 35 years.

Adder’s solutions allow critical computing resources to be stored within secure, purpose-built server rooms while giving control room operators real-time access to the data they require to make mission-critical decisions.

High-performance IP KVM solutions for efficient road traffic control rooms

As transportation networks become more complex, the amount of data being fed into road traffic control rooms is increasing.

Adder’s range of extend, switch, remote and matrix solutions support technical operators when managing and analysing data flows to monitor people or manage passenger flows during peak traffic hours. Adder’s innovations improve efficiency and collaboration, situational awareness and security in the control room.

Data collaboration and visualisation in the road traffic control room

The smooth running of complex road networks is becoming increasingly reliant on multiple technologies, all of which provide streams of data to monitor and analyse. As the amount of data in the road traffic control room increases, so does the need for real-time visualisation and data collaboration.

In order to maintain public safety and ensure 24/7 operation of the road network, control room operators must be able to gain permanent access to systems displaying things such as steering signals, emergency and signalling systems and real-time information about emergencies and traffic rerouting. Access to these systems must be both instant and reliable.

With the adoption of KVM solutions, team members can simultaneously access critical systems from their own individual workstation, allowing them to collaborate, analyse and act on information in real-time. By using KVM extenders, this information can then be shared with other operators via their individual workstation or to a central video wall when an overall commanding view is required.

Improving situational awareness in road traffic control rooms with a KVM solution

As the volume of computing infrastructure in road traffic control rooms increases, these high-pressure spaces are becoming more cluttered with equipment. In order to accurately monitor and analyse critical data, often in time-critical situations, operators must have high levels of situational awareness to ensure efficiency and minimise reaction times.

By adopting a KVM solution, IT teams can relocate cumbersome and heat-generating computers into a secure, purpose-built server room. KVM extenders give the operator real-time access to multiple computers, simultaneously, using one keyboard, monitor and mouse, while KVM switches enable operators to instantaneously switch between different sources without latency or degradation of image quality.

About Adder Technology

In 1984, University of Cambridge engineering graduate Adrian Dickens established Adder Technology. Now, with more than 35 years of experience and 12 offices around the world, the company’s solutions are widely recognised for their reliable performance, robust manufacture and technical excellence.

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