ALUMAST Corrosion-Resistant Composite Columns for Road Infrastructure

ALUMAST is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative GRP, FRP composite columns for the road, railway, energy and telecommunications industries.

Our portfolio includes a wide range of products such as composite lighting columns, smartpoles, flagpoles, teletechnical poles and lightning protection masts.

Durable GRP, FRP composite columns for road traffic applications

ALUMAST’s composite columns are CE certified to adhere with European standards EN 40–7 and EN 12767.

Our GRP, FRP composite columns do not interfere with radio waves, microwaves or radar, so various types of devices and transmitters can be mounted inside the column structure. The lightweight properties of the column facilitate maintenance and assembly, as well as reduce transport costs and optimise return on investment. Composite lighting columns do not conduct electricity.

The durability, impact resistance and protection against the ingress of dust, solid objects and moisture are confirmed by IP and IK certification. In addition, the Military Center for Standardisation, Quality and Codification granted ALUMAST the Nato Commercial and Government Entity Code 2522 H due to the increasing significance of composite solutions.

Customisable corrosion-resistant road columns

ALUMAST’s composite columns have a service life of at least 40 years and do not have a scrap value.

Our materials are recyclable, slow-burning material that is resistant to mechanical damage, road and sea salt, animal waste and corrosion. In addition, our columns can be produced in any colour according to RAL palette.

Alumast offerings include:

  • BASICPOLE – standard composite lighting columns produced from 3m to 12m, All of our columns can be in two variants: ground-mounted (SKPW version) or with a base plate to be mounted on the foundation (SKPF version).
  • EASYPOLE – composite columns with hinge mechanism, perfect for hard-to-reach areas
  • DESIGNPOLE – a revolutionary solution that can feature a pattern and internal illumination. You can design your own graphic or include high-resolution texts or photos, the pattern constitutes one of the layers of composite construction and is protected by transparent gel coat. Therefore, it cannot get scratched or damaged.
  • PASSIVEPOLE – safe composite columns crash tested against EN 12767. The CE certificate confirms safety class 70.NE.2
  • SMARTPOLE CROSSING – active pedestrian crossing – the pole includes nine flashing lights (installed inside the pole), a loudspeaker, motion sensor, illuminated road sign, luminaire with asymmetrical light distribution

ALUMAST also offers a highly developed lighting column called SMARTPOLE, which can be equipped with advanced technologies that can enhance road traffic and safety.

SMARTPOLEs can be equipped with additional features such as:

  • Wireless internet access (Wi-Fi)
  • Interactive and educational games
  • Wireless inductive charging of portable devices
  • Broadcasting ads
  • Integration with mobile applications
  • Gathering anonymous data on traffic
  • The ability to configure additional solutions in accordance with the project requirements

High-quality passive safety materials

ALUMAST aims to increase the safety level of passive construction with our high-quality products.

We pay special attention to crash tests and the optimisation of mechanical resistance of our products. In addition, our experts perform regular training sessions for local government officials, road managers and designers regarding the impact of composite material on increasing the passive safety level.

Certificate confirms the passive safety of composite poles in the category of non-energy absorbing constructions (NE) for a crash speed of 70 km/h with safety level 2.


At Alumast, we design innovative solutions based on composite technology. Providing the highest quality products, we make the idea of passive safety become common and available. We believe that thanks to this we are getting closer and closer to the realization of ‘Vision Zero’, a world in which everyone successfully reaches the destination.

Established in 2000 in Wodzisław Śląski, Poland, ALUMAST has more than 20 years of experience in developing composite columns. We ensure that the properties of this material are increasingly used in energy, transport and advertising infrastructure.

The technology of production has been developed by the Central Mining Institute and the Silesian University of Technology in Poland.

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SMARTPOLE CROSSING is designed for lighting of the pedestrian crossing zones and warns about the presence of pedestrians.


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