SWAREFLEX Visual Marking and LED-Based Lighting Solutions for Road Traffic Applications


SWAREFLEX supplies functional lighting products and solutions for the road traffic industry.

The company’s experience in precision lenses ensures a high level of product innovation with designs ranging from classic guidance solutions to bespoke solutions for tunnels.

SWAREFLEX durable products deliver a high return on investment and low energy consumption.

Visual markings and safety lighting solutions for bridges, roads and tunnels

SWAREFLEX supplies a wide selection of lighting and tunnel safety solutions, including:

  • Visual marking of traffic lanes, streets and roads
  • Tunnel lighting to prevent psychovisual irritation of drivers
  • Haptic and visual marking of escape routes and door, either permanent or incident-driven
  • Visual, dynamic road marking for lane / direction changes, accident black spots, or toll and control lane identification
  • Temporary marking for tunnel maintenance / construction sites
  • Light-emitting handrails for safety and haptic guidance across bridges
  • Visual markings for rotary traffic (traffic roundabouts) using active or passive markings
  • Entrances and exits: visual marking products of the direction of the road and stop lines, if needed
  • Visual crosswalk markings that aim to increase readiness to stop and reduce approach speed
  • Road sections with frequent wildlife crossing warnings

Road tunnel lighting safety solutions

SWAREFLEX’s solutions, including general lighting, marking for emergency routes and warning signs for hazardous areas, aim to improve tunnel safety.

The company’s advanced lighting systems combine state-of-the-art LED technology with highly accurate crystal glass optics, providing bespoke lighting for specific tunnel requirements.

Modern glass elements in road traffic solutions

The design of the company’s reflectors is based on the concept of retro-reflection, where light rays hitting the biconvex glass are reflected back to their original place.

The shape of the biconvex glass is accurately calculated via computer-aided technology, and the back contains a mirror layer to optimise reflectivity, as well as additional special protection layers for robustness.

SWAREFLEX incorporates high-quality, reliable and long-lasting Swarovski glass elements in its sophisticated glass reflector solutions.

Intelligent, LED-based road safety and lighting systems

SWAREFLEX’s LED-based intelligent lighting solutions and road safety systems are suitable for traffic, hospitality and industrial areas.

The company delivers high-quality precision lenses for illumination optics applications.

All products offer strong and reliable visual and tactile markings, which enhance the orientation of exits and escape routes, as well as allow quick evacuation during emergencies.

SWAREFLEX designs its solutions to be easily incorporated into existing traffic automation and control systems.


Established in 1950, SWAREFLEX creates inventive solutions that aim to increase tunnel safety and traffic flow through modern lighting systems.

Based on the first Swarovski glass reflectors in 1937, the company focuses on developing new concepts that bring constant innovations and refinements.

SWAREFLEX is a company and brand of the Swarovski Group.

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