Cyclone Technology Road Marking Removal and Cleaning Systems

Cyclone Technology offers a range of marking removal and cleaning systems for the road traffic industry.

Based in Tempe, Arizona, US, the company is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality hard surface cleaning solutions.

The company’s multi-patented cleaning head thoroughly removes road markings with high-velocity air movement while causing minimal impact to the surface. The sustainability of the technology means that 95% of the water is recovered, eliminating wastewater run-off.

Designed to be faster, greener and cleaner than competitors, Cyclone Technology’s range of road cleaning solutions leads the way in innovative paint marking removal.

Ultra high pressure road paint removal trucks

The Cyclone 4006 is a large over-the-road truck integrated cleaning system, with joystick control to ensure the precise placement of the cleaning head on road surfaces. Each system can remove paint up to 10,000 liner feet per hour and has an adjustable paint line-cleaning path from 6in to 16in.

The system comes in two sizes to meet your specific needs. The 4006HT is the larger model with a 6,000l water capacity and a 7,570l reclaim tank capacity, offering around four and a half hours of continuous operation.

A smaller model, the 4006ST, is also available. It has a 2,081l water capacity and a 2,271l reclaim tank, offering approximately two hours of continuous operation.

Using the same technology, the CY200 is a walk-behind paint removal attachment for harder to reach areas. The attachment is easy to affix to the larger machines and provides superior manoeuvrability and increased efficiency.

User-friendly on-board computer systems for data monitoring

Each Cyclone Technology road marking removal system is equipped with an on-board computer system that monitors and controls the entire truck. All computer-controlled system data is clearly in view, resulting in easy one-man operation.

With just a few taps of the screen the system is ready to be used. While some competitors offer complicated systems requiring the user to set up outside the vehicle, Cyclone products are designed to get you on and off the road in less than two minutes.

No-vacuum design for better fuel economy

Most road marking removal systems use an internal or external vacuum to pick up water and debris while operating. The unique Cyclone head rotates in such a way that a vacuum is created by the head alone, making an on-board vacuum system unnecessary.

This no-vacuum design cuts fuel consumption by 30% and results in a faster return on investment. It also makes the work area quieter; only one operator is needed and communication with support crew can be easily heard.

Eco-friendly paint removal with no wastewater run-off

Every Cyclone product uses only hot water and air to remove paint and epoxy from concrete or asphalt surfaces. Operating at 40,000psi (2,758 bar), the 4006HT and 4006ST remove paint markings with significantly reduced impact on the environment.

Cyclone paint removal systems help to keep users in compliance with EPA standards. Wastewater run-off is eliminated as a macerator pump emulsifies and pumps the recovered wastewater slurry into a large recovery tank located at the rear of the vehicle.

This tank separates the solid material from the used water and can be disposed separately at an appropriate site.

Low operating and maintenance costs

Due to the no-vacuum design and the eco-friendliness of Cyclone products, the cost for maintenance and operation are greatly decreased. With a vacuum-free system, less maintenance will need to be carried out, saving you time and money on parts and labour.

Each system uses half the water of other UHP solutions, providing longer run time and less water consumption. The ease of use allows you to run the machine with only one person, cutting the cost of labour for each job.

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Cyclone Technology

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