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Winterskov developed the W-JET RoadDryer System, a better alternative to LPG gas and diesel compressor-driven systems. W-JET is now supplied to the market by the Winterskov company W ApS in Nyborg, Denmark.

The W-JET System eliminates expensive waiting times caused by wet conditions on roads. Development began in 2007, and the system was ready for the market in 2014. The W-JET RoadDryer System was tested in collaboration with two leading road-marking contractors from the start, and has been used in projects worldwide.

Road-drying systems for road markings

The W-JET RoadDryer System removes water, moisture and foreign objects to solve adhesion issues caused by wet weather, debris, traffic dirt and tire rubber on roads, as well as from surfaces that have been burned out by ultraviolet (UV) light.

Old markings that need refreshment can be treated with W-JET to prevent problems resulting from bad adhesion.

Winterskov offers a wide range of different exhausts and heatshields made to fit most type of jobs, ranging from road marking to crack sealing. The solutions have wide and flat nozzles, or narrow, lance-shaped nozzles. They can be operated a short distance above a road’s surface, leaving it dry, clean and ready to provide new treatments with the best possible adhesion.

Easy-to-operate drying system

The W-JET Jet turbine can produce up to 65m³/min (cubic meters per minute) of air at a temperature of 700°C, leaving exhaust nozzle at a speeds of up to 300m/s (near the speed of sound), and so the system’s drying capacity is up to 3,000m²/hr.

The equipment is not complicated as it uses automatic controlled operator panels, and maintenance is handled similarly to an outboard engine. This involves disconnecting the wires, loosening four bolts, packing it down on a pallet and sending it to W ApS for repair.

Lightweight diesel system for drying roads

The W-JET system uses a 25kg W-JET Module and runs on standard diesel, instead of approximately 2t heavy diesel compressors, gas cylinders or LPG system tanks. It therefore reduces preparation time and the weight of the dryer equipment to provide easier transportation.

The system can replace hazardous LPG gas and heavy diesel compressors, running on standard 13% Benzin (gasoline / petrol) and 1.5% turbine oil.

The W-JET features the small yet powerful and reliable jet turbine inside a sealed stainless casing of 35 x 25 x 25cm, as well as inclusive air filter and wheels weighing 45kg. It delivers the same capacity as a 2t heavy diesel compressor and big LPG gas containers.

The application can reduce wait times caused by weather and transport of hazardous goods, as well as work time in congested areas.

Road-marking, crack-sealing and surface cleaning exhaust systems

A wide range of exhaust systems are available for road marking, crack sealing, surface cleaning and weed control applications.

The W-JET dryers are available as self-propelled 2WD or 4WD mini tractors.

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W-JET RoadDryer for Drying and Cleaning Roads

The W-JET RoadDryer removes moisture and debris from road surfaces to ensure best adhesion before any surface treatment.


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