Alkobel Belgium Safety Accessories for the Road Traffic Industry

Since 1998, the Alkobel Team has been developing expertise in signalling and safety equipment. The product range now counts some 4,000 products and this number increases daily.

Being a specialised wholesaler, Alkobel sells products in Belgium but also in many countries abroad. Export sales and international shipments are daily business for our sales team. Customers mainly include public services and governments, construction companies and resellers, although B2B-consumers and private buyers can buy directly with Alkobel through the web shop.

Not only the sales team but also the purchase department thinks globally. We have a large database of suppliers and manufacturers throughout the world, allowing us to quickly find a suitable product or alternative product on the international markets to meet your requirements. As we import most articles directly and in large numbers and because we keep large stock, most products can be shipped immediately, bringing delivery delays to an absolute minimum.

The Alkobel staff has profound technical knowledge and is known for its client-orientated approach. The team will gladly assist you in finding the best product for your requirement or in getting products personalised by applying your company logo and colours.

The product catalogue can be downloaded from the website which also contains all sorts of useful documents, extended product information, images and much more. Don’t forget to visit the online outlet section as well to find a good deal.

Products for road traffic safety

Alkobel offers a wide range of traffic cones in all sizes and colours, ranging from small, medium and large to more specialised cones, with or without refelctors. We can also offer a variety of cable protectors made from various materials to suit every situation.

Parking equipment

We can provide a range of equipment for parking. This includes bicycle racks, parking barriers, wheel clamps, parking stops, access gates and barriers.


Our products for delimitation applications include:

  • Barrier tape and reels
  • Poles and chains
  • Safety mesh
  • Fences and barriers
  • Separators

Traffic management and marking

Our products for traffic management and marking include:

  • Traffic signs
  • Pothole repair
  • Lane dividers
  • Speed bumps and cushions
  • Mirrors
  • Pictographs
  • Sprays and paints
  • Road studs and reflectors
  • Tapes and adhesive foil

Vehicle signalization

Alkobel can supply a range of safety signs for vehicles, including:

  • Warning triangles
  • Rear signalisation
  • Dangerous goods
  • Lamps


We offer a variety of safety products:

  • Signalisation clothing
  • Safety harnesses and life lines
  • Technical gloves
  • Glow-in-the-dark products
  • Anti-skid products

Road traffic lights and lamps

Alkobel stocks a range of lights and lamps for all your signalling needs, including hand signal accessories to ensure the best possible road traffic safety.

Light and lamps available include:

  • Rotating lamps
  • Warning lights and strobes
  • Torches
  • Batteries
  • Traffic lights

Equipment for law enforcement and the construction industry

Alkobel can supply specialised traffic equipment for industrial applications and for policing. These include:

  • Tents for construction sites
  • Underground warning meshes
  • Pedestrian bridges
  • Cable and hose protectors
  • City furniture
  • Wall and pillar protection
  • Road salt and accessories
  • Specialised traffic equipment

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Press Release

Alkobel Unveils New Look for 2012

Alkobel has not only updated its catalogue for 2012, but it has also given the website and web shop a complete make-over.

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Alkobel Safety Accessories Catalogue

Alkobel Safety Accessories Catalogue

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Alkobel has not only updated its catalogue for 2012, but it has also given the website and web shop a complete make-over.

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Alkobel Belgium NV

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