DynaRoads Dynamic Road Traffic Management Solutions

DynaRoads offers intelligent and effective solutions and products for temporary traffic management. We meet these requirements by cooperating with experienced specialists and engineers in the mechanics, hydraulics and electronics industry.

Our portfolio includes self-propelled road restraint systems, motorised median crossings, high-quality sliding gates that provide fast access for emergency services, or safety barriers of all containment levels to enable safe, efficient and flexible traffic management.

Fully automatic solutions for tidal flow management

DynaRoads’ intelligent concept of lane control offers safe, quick, situational and easy optimisation of traffic flow using self-propelled barriers with embedded undercarriage and automated control of all road signals.

The RoadSwitch system is designed to alleviate high-volume traffic backup during peak times, optimising lane usage based on the amount of traffic and directional demand.

The highway surveyor operates the flexible, freely programmable system easily and conveniently via a web interface so it is no longer necessary to perform manual adjustments on the lane.

Due to its flexible deployment and disassembly, RoadSwitch is suitable for road works lasting at least six months, bottlenecks on highways and motorways, or moving roadworks.

Efficient temporary traffic management solutions for roadworks

DynaMove is a self-propelled undercarriage system that can be used in combination with the majority of modern road restraint systems, along with most temporary safety barriers, and also offers a broad application spectrum.

For instance, a large section of barriers using DynaMove may be moved simultaneously in order to shut down lanes for night-time roadworks to ensure personnel and driver safety.

The barriers may stand at the roadside during the day and can be moved into position before roadworks are scheduled to start.

DynaMove undercarriage units are placed underneath the barriers at every 10m-20m to allow any form of traffic divider or safety wall to be moved simultaneously or in selected sections.

Motorised median crossings

The permanent DynaGate solution makes it possible to motorise existing median crossings. It is based on the DynaMove undercarriage system and can either be installed as fully or semi-automatic gate.

Depending on the client’s specifications, this system is able to run on current from the grid or solar energy. The elements are easy-to-install and can be deployed within one day to create a convenient and fast access point for emergency services.

Temporary safety barriers for road works

The WallMover is a quick and easy solution for smaller construction needs that include the Vario-Guard-System.

This tailor-made device allows the equipping of individual elements of the Vario-Guard-System with wheels. The key advantage of WallMover is the simplicity and the rapidity with which safety barriers can be removed.

We also offer solutions for other types of safety barriers.

Quick road access for emergency services

DynaResc is a fast opening sliding gate for safety barriers with a high containment level.

In case of temporary applications, DynaResc continuous safety barriers makes it possible to provide a space-saving opening and a corridor for emergency vehicles and wrecking services.

The sliding gate can open up to 9m wide.

Transportable protection devices and safety guards for roads and highways

DynaRoads is a partner company of METON and distributes its high-quality mobile safety barriers for roads and highways. The latest generation of road restraint systems significantly increases safety. Horizontal unevenness of the setting-up surface can be evened out by the system.

The METON protection system is quick and easy to assemble and disassemble. For emergency situations, the system may be opened at any point with minimal technical effort. Its suitability for different containment levels has been tested and approved by TÜV-Süd in Munich. The inherent weight and volume of the METON system enables high transportation capacities.

METON’s advantage lies within its narrow width construction, taking up a minimal 30cm which means more remaining space for traffic. Our systems also offer 10cm-12cm units for smaller surface areas.

About DynaRoads

DynaRoads offers flexible, quick and safe solutions and products for temporary traffic management. RoadSwitch, the fully automatic solution for tidal flow management, plays a significant role in optimising traffic flow and reducing traffic jams.

In order to develop its high-quality products, DynaRoads works together with experienced traffic management specialists and engineers in the mechanical, hydraulic and electronic industry.

“With our solutions, traffic jams on European roads can be reduced.” (Hermann Wenger, Founder)

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