Trippi On-Road Friction and Distance Measurement Devices


Trippi designs and manufactures measurement instruments for road maintenance, construction, planning, and monitoring applications.

Solutions include precision trip (distance) meters, friction (slipperiness) meters, drive datalogging devices and other systems.

Distance measurement devices for the road industry

Trippi’s distance measurement solutions are primarily based on actual distance driven with a vehicle, producing true driven distances and ensuring accurate measurements.

The n-series Eltrip-meters are dedicated, high-precision trip meters with optional reverse measurement capabilities. They can be very easily calibrated for each vehicle to ensure the highest possible measurement accuracy.

The Eltrip meters are available in a range of measurement resolutions to suit specific user requirements, varying from 10cm-10m resolutions for challenging scenarios.

Portable friction measurement solutions

The k-series Eltrip meters offer a reliable, repeatable and easily transportable measurement solution for slippery road surfaces involving ice, mud and sand (k standing for kitka, the Finnish word for friction).

Effective in higher latitudes, Eltrip-meters offer highly portable, compact and easy-to-use systems for performing both spot friction checks in any position, as well as control measurements in specific locations.

Friction measurement is easy to learn and highly repeatable, enabling clients to consistently have a clear, numeric friction value that indicates the current condition of the roads.

Clear friction readings can also help verify accident causes or localised hazards.

Specialised distance and payload measurement meters

Trippi offers customised research and development (R&D) services and solutions for a variety of special or unusual situations, including specialised distance datalogging services and payload stress determination in extremely heavy vehicles carrying potentially dangerous cargo.

Many Eltrip-meters can be found in places perhaps not initially expected, serving special user requirements, varying from bicycles and trains to heavy mining dump trucks.

Eltrip meters are both cost-effective and suitable for a wide range of applications.

About Trippi

Trippi has been designing measurement devices for more than 30 years and garnered extensive experience in the field of on-road measurements.

Our customers have often varying needs, and we listen to their requirements and their projects to offer the most suitable tools for each application.

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Press Release

Trippi to Exhibit Vehicle Meters at Henkilökuljetus 2018

Trippi will be attending the Passenger Transport Trade Fair (Henkilökuljetus) between 27 and 28 April 2018 at Tampere, Finland.

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Friction Meters: Precision When You Need It Most

All ELTRIP-65nk -series friction meters are designed with 30 years of experience of building road measurement systems.


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Press Release

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Trippi will be attending the Passenger Transport Trade Fair (Henkilökuljetus) between 27 and 28 April 2018 at Tampere, Finland.

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Trippi will be attending Winter Road Congress (Talvitiepäivät) between 7 and 8 February 2018 at Lahti, Finland.

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21 August 2017

New Eltrip-65nkw friction meters include internal WLAN module and externally installed GPS module, allowing friction results, alongside with their exact time and location information, to be transferred to cloud where they are stored for further analysis, post-processing and review.

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