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ViaTech Continuous Road Friction Measuring Equipment


ViaTech develops and supplies road measurement equipment, including the ViaFriction all-electric computer-controlled friction device. This tool measures friction by braking one wheel independently of others on a vehicle.

ViaFriction was developed in 2006 using the experience that ViaTech gained through time spent working on RoAR friction meters.

Continuous friction measuring systems for road vehicles

The ViaFriction is a piece of continuous friction measuring equipment (CFME).

ViaFriction can measure friction using fixed slip (i.e. the skiddometer principle), and the longitudinal percentage can be set to anything from 1% to 85%. The fixed slip measurement then gives a continuous record of friction levels on the road.

ViaFriction can measure friction levels using variable slip. The slip percentage is quickly moved from 0% through to 85%, with the corresponding friction level being recorded. This gives the complete friction-slip curve for the pavement surface.

Both vehicle tracks can be measured through use of the dual ViaFriction, which consists of two ViaFriction units combined in one friction system. The dual ViaFriction method can also find the split friction.

Modular friction systems for trailers and vehicles

The ViaFriction consists of a friction measurement unit and a watering system. ViaFriction can be fitted on a trailer, together with a 1,000l tank, which allows for 30km of measurement.

ViaFriction can also be fitted on larger vehicles such as trucks, which allows for more water to be stored and longer stretches of measurement before a refill is required. Two ViaFriction units can be fitted on the same vehicle. This allows measurements in both wheel tracks, similar to split friction measurement.

The correct level of thickness for the water film in front of the measure wheel is vital for finding accurate friction levels. The ViaFriction watering system gives a computer-controlled film of either 0.5mm or 1mm in front of the measure wheel.

Water is applied at vehicle speed, so will therefore not wash the road surface in front of the measure wheel.

Advanced suspension to prevent influence to vehicle movement

ViaFriction uses an advanced suspension system for the measure wheel, ensuring that it has the correct vertical load on to the pavement surface at any time. The connection between the friction unit and the vehicle prevents vertical movements from influencing the friction unit’s vertical load.

High-speed cameras, temperature sensors and road texture scanners

More than 130 ViaFriction devices have been sold. Some even measure as many as 20,000km per year on uneven roads. The ViaFriction is made up of only a few parts, so is easily serviceable. The device also has a diagnostic system, pinpointing the parts that need to be serviced.

ViaFriction can be equipped with global navigation satillite systems (GNSS), high-speed cameras, temperature sensors (both road surface and air), and a texture scanner. The road-surface values are needed to determine values for the International Friction Index (IFI).

ViaFriction can also send live data and pictures through an attached camera to an internet server. The live data is placed on a map, and can then be monitored using a web browser.

About ViaTech

ViaTech has many years’ experience in the development, manufacturing and maintenance of friction devices. ViaFriction is assembled and tested in ViaTech’s production facility. Software and development of the device is performed in-house.

Most of the ViaFriction units are serviced annually by ViaTech. ViaTech is also responsible for the control software, maintenance and support of the ROaR friction equipment in Norway and the Norwegian Oscar friction device.

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Press Release

ViaTech Signs ViaFriction Frame Agreement with Avinor

ViaTech has signed a frame agreement with Avinor for delivery of ViaFriction to airports.

White Papers

Tailor-Made Measuring Equipment for Road Surfaces

ViaTech is a Norwegian company with a comprehensive range of tailor-made products to measure different characteristics of pavement surfaces.


Dyrmyrgata 35

N-3611 Kongsberg


+47 32 73 66 32 +47 95 33 88 32 (after 15:00 CET)

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Press Release

7 November 2018

ViaTech has signed a frame agreement with Avinor for delivery of ViaFriction to airports.

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16 March 2018

To take the safety up to next level, it is imperative to measure the friction in both wheel track all-year round. To cope with the demand, ViaTech has developed a new ViaFriction.

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16 August 2016

This summer, ViaTech made a special delivery to the Danish Road Directorate.

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30 March 2016

Viatech will be showcasing its products at this years Intertraffic Amsterdam, taking place between 5-8 April 2016.

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14 December 2015

ViaCal is a new software tool developed by ViaTech to ease the adjustment of A and B friction (skid) factors, and make them less time-consuming.

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Regional Offices


Dyrmyrgata 35

N-3611 Kongsberg


+47 32 73 66 32 +47 95 33 88 32 (after 15:00 CET)

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