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Jenoptic Traffic Solutions

Jenoptik Traffic Solutions is dedicated to making the increasingly complex traffic on our roads safer through comprehensive speed and traffic light monitoring systems, and complete operational solutions.

Road traffic safety enforcement systems

Jenoptik Traffic Solutions develops, manufactures and markets components and systems that increase road traffic safety throughout the world. The company’s product portfolio includes comprehensive systems for all aspects of road traffic enforcement, such as speed and traffic-light monitoring solutions, as well as original equipment manufacturer (OEM) products for detecting traffic violations.

Jenoptik Traffic Solutions covers every aspect of the support process chain, from system development, construction and installation of monitoring infrastructure, to capturing and automatically processing images of traffic infringements, as well as issuing penalties and collecting fines as the system operator.

As one of the only suppliers worldwide, Jenoptik Traffic Solutions’ range comprises the majority of sensor technologies used in modern traffic monitoring today, including laser scanners, radar, piezo sensors, induction loops, and video.

Jenoptik’s product range includes:

  • Stationary and mobile systems for traffic enforcement
  • In-house digital camera technology development
  • A complete range of sensor technologies
  • Modular back-office software for processing traffic surveillance data
  • Concepts, equipment, installations and services, all from a single provider

Traffic enforcement through flexible and innovative modular products

Jenoptik’s innovative flexibility concept allows customers to deploy the core components of traffic safety systems in a wider variety of different applications. To this end, a laser scanner (TraffiStar S350) or radar sensor (TraffiStar SR390) is combined with the state-of-the-art SmartCamera IV in a compact module, which can be easily integrated to address a variety of user needs.

For mobile use, the camera can be mounted on a car or, using the easy-to-handle TraffiTop housing, on a tripod or the TraffiBase container. For stationary use, the module is integrated with the design-award winning TraffiTower 2.0 or with the TraffiCompact housing. This concept expands the flexibility of deployment and the variety of enforcement possibilities, ensuring greater efficiency and lower whole life cost.

Traffic analysis and data management

In addition to Jenoptik’s large, flexible and adaptable product range, the company offers an extensive service and support portfolio including:

  • Planning: analysis, consultation, site selection and survey
  • Building: production, roll-out, commissioning, calibration
  • Running: back office, training, service and maintenance, expanded online and telephone support, and statistics and intelligence
  • Traffic service provision: financing and service model for flexible road safety programmes

With Jenoptik’s Traffic Service Provision programme, the company offers comprehensive solutions covering all traffic enforcement procedures, eliminating the need for the customer to invest in any further resources.

Services available for the optimisation of traffic enforcement tasks are individually tailored to client requirements. Scalable modules and systems for project planning, collection, analysis and data preparation for traffic enforcement ensure the problem-free execution of all processes.

Jenoptik’s traffic service provision services include:

  • Traffic analysis
  • Advice and idea formation
  • Financing
  • Project planning and installation of traffic enforcement systems
  • Maintenance of installed traffic enforcement systems
  • Data preparation
  • Customer service

About Jenoptik Traffic Solutions

As one of the leading companies in the traffic sector worldwide, Jenoptik Traffic Solutions’ portfolio is made up of over 25,000 systems in more than 80 countries, and provides highly effective solutions, customised to suit specific customer requirements.

With the company’s broad partner network, as well as their own subsidiaries in Algeria, Australia, Asutria, Canada, China, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the UK and the US, Jonoptik is ideally positioned to plan and run large-scale projects all around the world.

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Jenoptik Traffic Solutions l JENOPTIK Robot GmbH

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