Mac.RO Systems for Natural Hazard and Rockfall Mitigation

With over 60 years' experience in rockfall protection systems and natural hazard mitigation, Maccaferri offers a wide range of systems to stabilise rock faces, soil slopes and snow masses, reducing risks to people, buildings and infrastructure.

Maccaferri's philosophy is to offer a logical graded range of engineered systems working in sympathy with each other, to reduce overdesign and unnecessary cost.Certified and tested by leading institutes and in accordance with the latest standards, Maccaferri solutions are designed using state-of- the-art modelling software and techniques.

Developed in conjunction with contractors, Maccaferri Mac.RO™ Systems are simple to install, durable and effective. Components have been selected to reduce contractor workload and a global network of factories offers local product availability.

Maccaferri Mac.RO™ Systems are installed daily, worldwide, in demanding applications, reassuring clients with safe, cost-effective and reliable natural hazard protection.

Download to find out more.

Download to find out more.