Traffic Cone Laying and Retrieving System

Each day the road workers operate for signalling dangers and protecting the motoring public. When they lay and retrieve cones, they are exposed to the danger.

They use to lean out of the vehicle without any protection. Today with the Baliseur, the road operator remains inside the vehicle and doesn't need to lean out. He is protected by the device.

Gain ergonomics

To lean out for laying or retrieving cones over kilometers is a hard task. The road operators use to lift hundreds of kilograms. Today with the Baliseur, the cones arrive at human gripping height, which means less fatigue.

Functional and adaptable

The Baliseur is adaptable and functional. The system consists of a motorised ramp, a motorised lifter fixed inside the van (stationary or rotative) and electrical components (electric box and video elements).

It has been originally designed to be installed in a van (supplied by the customer) with lateral doors, but it is also available in other configurations: functioning on the rear of a vehicle for example, and adaptable to other vehicles (like pick-up).

Download to find out more.

Download to find out more.