Optomachines Safe and Ergonomic Systems for Laying and Retrieving Traffic Cones

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Optomachines produces the Baliseur, an efficient, safe and ergonomic solution for laying and retrieving road traffic cones.

Developed in partnership with French motorway company Autoroutes Paris-Rhin-Rhône (APRR), the system consists of a motorised ramp and a patented toppling bar for easy cone retrieval.

The system prevents cones from slipping and becoming abraded on roads.

Cone laying and retrieval system for narrow roads

Suitable for vans with a large back door, the Baliseur’s rear configuration is used to place and retrieve cones on narrow roads. With this configuration, cones can be layed as the vehicle moves forward, and retrieved as it reverses.

Stored in an upright position, the solution is loaded using a motorised lift. The Baliseur drops effortlessly onto roads, with an installation time of one minute.

Fastened by a harness, the worker remains inside the van during installation, cone laying and retrieval, without needing to step onto the road.

Cone laying is carried out forwards at a typical speed of 20km/h, while driving in reverse is facilitated by a video camera placed behind the van.

A colour monitor on the drivers’s dashboard helps them to move in a straight line, while an infrared projector helps the vehicle to avoid dazzling oncoming drivers during the night.

In addition to laying cones in a straight line, the system’s rear configuration is equipped with a rotative system that allows cones to be placed at an angle for shift, merge, shoulder and flagger tapers on motorways.

The Baliseur can be installed in vans, and larger trucks with floor sizes of up to 840mm.

Lateral road traffic cone laying system

The lateral Baliseur configuration is fitted on vans with sliding or roll-up doors, allowing cones to be placed and retrieved while the vehicle moves forward or backwards.

The Baliseur is stored in an upright position at the back of a van, and can be easily discharged using a motorised lift. Two workers prepare the Baliseur in a safety zone at the back of the van, before pushing it over to the side door, where it can be fitted within two minutes.

The workers remain inside the vehicle during laying or retrieval operations.

Solution for safe cone laying and retrieval operations

Workers are exposed to danger while manually laying and retrieving traffic cones. For both lateral and rear configurations of the Baliseur system, cones are delivered at the right height to be lifted. The workers remain inside the vehicle and don’t need to lean out.

Seen as an extension of the vehicle, the Baliseur features reflective white and red stripes to enhance visibility for oncoming drivers, as well as a camera and monitors that can be used by workers at night.

Simple mechanical system for cone laying operations

Optomachines trains mechanics to use and maintain the system, which is comprised of simple, solid mechanical parts, rather than fragile electronic components.

The Baliseur is capable of operating in all normal road conditions, except in snow and stormy weather, or on icy roads.

About Optomachines

Founded in 1999, Optomachines develops innovative machines for a series of niche markets, including the transport, agronomics and ceramics sectors.

The Baliseur is currently being used in France and Switzerland.

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13 February 2018

Optomachines welcomes you at Intertraffic Amsterdam, the leading exhibition for the traffic and mobility industry.

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