Automotive technology company Continental and US-based conglomerate 3M have partnered to evaluate ways to improve road infrastructure and related technologies.

Under this collaborative evaluation partnership, the two companies will jointly work towards further developing infrastructure-to-vehicle (I2V) interfaces.

The partners will examine I2V interfaces between infrastructure-related objects and technologies such as pavement markings, conspicuity film and road signs.

The collaboration will also analyse other vehicle technologies.

Evaluation will focus on localising and correcting services. This will be achieved by using landmarks to locate a vehicle on a map.

It will involve identifying both moving and stationary objects in urban roadway environments to improve safety at urban cross-walks and signalised intersections.

3M Transportation Safety Division vice-president and general manager Dr Daniel Chen said: “Infrastructure plays a critical role in the safety of all road users, including vehicles with or without automated technologies, and vulnerable road users.

“Our mission of road safety is proving to be more important as modes of mobility are changing and advancing. We are excited to collaborate with Continental on exploring infrastructure solutions that will help governments achieve their vision zero goals.”

The combination of Continental, which has wide experience in automotive safety systems, and 3M’s roadway technologies expertise will help further this effort.

Continental North America chassis, safety systems and technology head Jeremy McClain said: “A major focus at Continental is to ensure our vehicle technology is able to accurately, efficiently and effectively communicate with cities and road infrastructure.”