DRiV, a Tenneco business, has supplied ‘Adaptive M Suspension’ technology for the 2019 BMW 3 Series models.

These models now feature DRiV’s continuously variable semi-active suspension (CVSAe) intelligent suspension technology.

CVSAe is part of the Monroe Intelligent Suspension portfolio, which includes selective suspension solutions (Dual Mode) and semi-active solutions with external valve (CVSAe), as well as two independent valves (CVSA2).

CVSAe technology enables Adaptive M Suspension drivers to adjust the ride of their BMW for a better experience in every driving circumstance.

The intelligent suspension technology continuously senses road and driving conditions. With its triple-tube design, it adjusts the damping levels in real-time for superior comfort.

Each of the electronically controlled shock absorbers connects to a central electronic control unit that controls damping settings based on sensors monitoring wheel acceleration and steering angle, as well as other data such as vehicle speed.

DRiV Ride Control senior vice-president and general manager Neville Rudd said: “CVSAe and other Monroe Intelligent Suspension technologies play vital roles in helping vehicle manufacturers provide a comfortable, secure and enjoyable driving experience in an extensive range of driving situations.

“This CVSAe solution provides highly differentiated, satisfying ride performance for owners of more than 40 leading vehicle models.”

Through the 3 Series Drive Performance Control, the driver will be able to pre-select comfort or sport mode.

The vehicle handling in sport mode is very agile, while in comfort mode the suspension smoothens the harshness caused by imperfections on the road surface.

In May, DRiV announced that its MIS portfolio was included on the fifth-generation 2020 Toyota GR Supra sports coupe.

DRiV produces CVSAe suspension systems at its manufacturing facility in Ermua, Spain.