Triton Investment Management has agreed to purchase Ramudden from IK VII Fund.

The acquisition will be subject to legal and regulatory approvals.

Based in Sweden, the acquirer company is a developer of medium-sized businesses, while the target company, also based in Sweden, is involved in providing work zone safety solutions for the road, construction and industrial sectors.

Based in the UK, IK VII Fund is an investor in small, mid-cap, mid-market, and mid-sized companies.

Triton Funds is assisted by Carl Johan Falkenberg, an investment advisory professional and advisor, for the transaction.

Kristian Carlsson Kemppinen, a partner of IK Investment Partners, acted as advisor to IK VII Fund for the transaction.

Romande Energie Group subsidiary Romande Energie Services has agreed to acquire PolyForce.

“Romande Energie Group subsidiary Romande Energie Services has agreed to acquire PolyForce.”

Romande Energie Services’ workforce in Western Switzerland will increase to 200 as a result of the acquisition.

The transaction will enable the acquirer company to strengthen its business in the canton of Fribourg by utilising the target company’s free building space to engage extra staff to provide electrical installation services.

The target company is involved in providing heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and refrigeration services.

PolyForce will provide help in the renovation of the district heating plant belonging to Romande Energie located in Val-de-Charmey.

The acquisition is expected to be completed by January 2018.

Nelson has agreed to merge its operations with Wakefield Beasley & Associates Architects, (WBA) and WB Interiors (WBI). All three companies involved in the transaction are based in the US.

The merger will help in providing client-based and experience-driven integrated design services.

Nelson’s team will grow by an additional 200 employees, following the merger.

Nelson is involved in providing architectural, design, engineering, and consulting services, while WBA is an architectural and interior design services provider and WBI offers interior design services.