The city of Eden Prairie in Minnesota, US, has unveiled plans for the improvement of Shady Oak Road, including rebuilding the interchanges of Highway 62 and Highway 212.

The city will work in coordination with Hennepin County, the state department of transportation and the city of Minnetonka to develop plans for the $250m proposed project.

The project will be carried out in multiple phases and will develop turn lanes, a median and trails along Shady Oak Road, as well as improved connections to Highways 62 and 212.

Roadway and trail improvements along both West 62nd Street and City West Parkway, plus improvements to the parkway, which will include the addition of a roundabout to the east of Shady Oak Road, are included in the projects.

The Shady Oak Road improvement project is expected to commence by the summer of 2012, however, the first phase of the project, or the northern phase, is scheduled for construction in 2012.

The schedule for the construction work of the southern phase is not yet finalised, though work on this phase could begin within the next five years.

The second phase of the project, or the southern phase, involves improvements to the roadway south of Rowland Road.

The improvements to Shady Oak Road is funded by the UnitedHealth Group (UHG), which will also allocate funds for the improvements to Shady Oak Road and City West Parkway.

The first phase of the Shady Oak project is expected to be completed by 2013.