Google’s Waze navigation app has been integrated with its smart car operating system, Android Auto.

According to Google Play store, Android Auto has more than five mllion users. In addition to Google Maps, drivers will now have access to Waze app. 

Waze for Android Auto will mostly offer the same features on the vehicle's dashboard screen just as on smartphone.

Users can give commands to the app to help them navigate to a chosen destination.

Waze navigation app will also offer the best possible routes after leveraging crowdsourced information with regard to traffic congestions, accidents or any road closures, reported

"The app enables drivers to report traffic, accidents or broken down vehicles."

By connecting Waze app to car dashboard screens with Android Auto, the operating system is expected to become more appealing to drivers. Even though the Waze app works on iPhones, it is not currently integrated with Apple CarPlay.

The app also enables drivers to report on traffic, accidents or any vehicles broken down on roads. 

Currently among the features that are not available on the Android Auto app include voice reporting on traffic and hazards, the Waze Speedometer, and map chat.

Waze's product lead for in-car applications Jens Baron was quoted by CNET as saying that additional features will soon be added to Android Auto but currently the priority is to enable the primary interface work correctly.

Since May, around 5,000 participants have been testing Waze integrated with Android Auto and so far, the feedback has been mostly positive, Baron added.