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Traffic-Monitoring System Components

B&B Electronics' products are used extensively in traffic-related applications such as traffic information systems and management, surveillance and security, road traffic monitoring, electronic signage and traffic data collection. Our products help customers access, control and protect their information and equipment, anytime and anywhere, improving productivity, quality, safety and more.

Communications and intelligent-connectivity components for traffic monitoring

We started with an RS-232 tester, the first product designed and built by B&B Electronics, and we've never stopped. Since then, the B&B Electronics engineering team members have evolved into experts in communications and intelligent connectivity for critical applications, including traffic monitoring. With a commitment to new product launches, B&B Electronics continually invests in research and development.

An in-house design team is located at our Ottawa, Illinois, US headquarters. From initial board design to the manufacturing floor, we understand our products from the inside out.

Serial, Ethernet, USB and wireless components for traffic monitoring

We utilise technologies like serial, Ethernet, USB and wireless for our traffic-monitoring system components, as well as a suite of application-specific protocols commonly found in industrial settings.

Our staff includes project managers, hardware engineers, embedded and application software engineers, PCB designers and quality-assurance engineers, meaning we can take a product from concept through design, implementation, test, compliance and production.

Robust development processes, from concept through to launch, with quality checks along the way, ensure our serial, Ethernet, USB and wireless components for traffic monitoring meet the intended application's specific requirements. Experienced test engineers and on-site EMC facilities qualify products for not only FCC regulatory compliance, but also to meet the requirements of harsh and demanding conditions found in many critical applications.

Custom and OEM traffic-monitoring system components

Product customisation has always been a core service of B&B Electronics. With expertise in communication technologies and protocol conversion, we have developed custom solutions for traffic-monitoring systems, weather management and information systems, tolling and payment systems, the military, airlines, Wi-Fi video security and more.

Teaming in-house design engineering with on-site manufacturing, B&B Electronics builds traffic-monitoring system components for unique applications. Services include hardware/software engineering, quick prototypes and production, documentation, and 100% product testing. It is not necessary to order high-volume quantities.

We offer many design options: a wide range of power inputs, rugged connectors, isolation, wide temperature specifications, mounting options, and more.

Changes to our standard products, such as pin-outs or an extra LED, can be engineered quickly for product runs of as low as 50 pieces. Because we manufacture in-house, minor product changes can be completed quickly and economically.

In-house-manufactured traffic-monitoring system components

Since 1981, we have built many of the traffic-monitoring system components that we offer in-house. With in-house manufacturing, we are able to continually monitor component selection, production lines, quality control processes, and testing standards.

Our products are built with leading-edge, up-to-date manufacturing techniques and equipment — by detail-minded people. We strive to ensure that our products will meet the most demanding aspects of our customers' applications.

Online store and technical resources for traffic-monitoring system components

Our online store and technical resources are available 24/7, 365 days a year, providing:

  • Secure, around-the-clock online ordering; instantaneous quantity discounting
  • Extensive and popular library of technical notes, white papers and application notes
  • Detailed specifications, data sheets, manuals and quick-start guides for most products
  • Information about custom-built products, RoHS compliance, software / firmware downloads and discontinued products

Sales and support for traffic-monitoring system components

Our sales team is dedicated to bringing cutting-edge technologies to our customers at competitive prices. We're experts at 'smart bundling' — from one product to a system of many products with various protocols.

We provide both inside sales for inside attention — product availability, shipping, quotations and order placement — and outside sales: from our manufacturing factory to the customer's door, in-the-field consultation representatives can advise application needs, and provide on-site visits, training or demonstrations.

Since 1981, our expert technical support team has helped thousands of customers with data-communication problems. Live chat enables experienced technicians to answer questions online and provide real-time live help.

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