Advantech Embedded Video Surveillance Systems for Traffic Applications

In-vehicle and outdoor surveillance systems

Advantech provides innovative, embedded, IP-based, in-vehicle and outdoor video surveillance solutions for the road industry.

Founded in 1983, the company specialises in comprehensive system integration, hardware, software, customer-centric design services and high-quality, high-performance computing platforms.

In-vehicle and video surveillance systems for the transportation industry

Advantech’s ARK-V&S series of fanless embedded systems are designed for rugged, in-vehicle and video surveillance applications. They feature extension capabilities, in-vehicle certifications (E-Mark, IEC-60721-3-5 5M3), in-vehicle power supply (9V-36V DC, ISO-7637-2) and diverse communication (GPS / G-sensor / Wi-Fi / 3G / CANBus).

These embedded systems provide high-graphic power (up to 1,080p / 720p at 120fps) and support IP cameras (4 Ports 10/100 PoE, IEEE802.3af). Operational in temperatures between -30°C and 70°C, they offer vehicle power ignition management with isolated protection.

The ARK-V&S series supports a variety of wired / wireless communications, including:

  • Up to dual SIM and 3G / LTE modules for dual streaming and connection redundancy
  • Five antenna holes reserved, flexibility for 3T3R WLAN and MIMO LTE module
  • Optional CANbus interface for vehicle monitoring and recording
  • Built-in GPS receiver and G-sensor as H/W ready platform for eCall application

The fanless embedded systems provide 28 in-vehicle and surveillance application programme interfaces (APIs) and software development kits (SDK) such as:

  • Connected device care such as Power over Ethernet (PoE) and IP camera health monitoring and remote control
  • In-vehicle ignition power management, car battery real-time monitoring and system delay on/off control
  • Driving behavior monitoring, including CANBus, G-sensor and GPS

Advantech’s hardware systems and compatible software have been proven to reduce difficulties and future-proof system integrators.

Modular input / output (MI/O) systems

Advantech’s modular input / output (MI/O) system offers a fanless embedded box PC, and can be integrated with the 3.5in MI/O-compact single-board computer (SBC).

The modular components comprise different parts or stock-keeping units (SKU) to meet a wide range of applications. Clients can choose and easily assemble their SKU to reduce installation time and costs.

With Advantech’s MI/O system, clients can easily achieve an economic solution with a flexible and unified design. The company also offers specialised parts based on specific project requirements, such as a customised I/O bracket, logo printing and system colour change.

Expansion kit for peripheral component interconnect express (PCIe) systems

Advantech’s iDoor Expansion module is a new design concept that implements the company’s Mini PCIe format.

The iDoor modules include communication, field bus protocol and digital I/O.

The easy assembly and flexible customisation of the expansion kit supplies Advantech’s clients with integrated solutions to meet a wide range of applications.

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