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Icoms Detections Microwave Sensors for Intelligent Traffic Systems

Over the years Icoms Detections has gained extensive experience in microwave detection for ITS applications, and now ranks among the leading worldwide experts in this field.

Traffic-data collection devices

Icoms Detections develops and manufactures traffic-data collection devices ranging from vehicle and pedestrian detectors to permanent and mobile radar traffic counters (measuring count, speed and class) and in this way contributes to the improvement of mobility and traffic safety.

Traffic-data collection radars

Our traffic-data collection radars have the following advantages:

  • Reliable and inexpensive technology for accurate real-time traffic data: movement, speed, length (class) and direction
  • Safe, easy and low-cost above-ground installation
  • Unaffected by weather circumstances (wind, rain, snow, light, visibility and temperature)
  • No maintenance
  • Low power requirements: powered by battery or solar energy

Vehicle and pedestrian detectors for intersections

Our vehicle and pedestrian detectors for intersections detect approaching vehicles at distances ranging from the traffic signal stop-line up to 150m away, in order to extend or call the green phase or generate green waves (TM60 – TM150 – TMT2).

They also provide bi-directional vehicle detection for movement detection in the middle of an intersection (TM60), and pedestrian detection for extension of the green phase on zebra pads (TMP).

Vehicle detectors for speed warning signs

Our TMT and TMS-Basic vehicle detectors for speed warning signs are used for activation of VMS and traffic signs. They provide vehicle detection and speed measurement with an adjustable speed threshold in order to trigger the signs.

Vehicle-speed measurement equipment

We also offer SIP vehicle speed measurement equipment for display and traffic data collection.

Traffic-data acquisition systems

We have a range of traffic-data acquisition systems, including the following.

Portable traffic counters

The TMS-SA3B portable traffic counter is an easily installable roadside unit from 1m to 6m high, with automatic radar antenna adjustment, delivered with powerful and user-friendly software for installation setup, data download and traffic-data processing (table and graphs exportable to standard formats). Other features include low power consumption (three to four weeks’ autonomy) and handheld terminal for set-up and data download.

Permanent traffic counters

Our TMS-NET permanent traffic counters have a range of capabilities. These include one-lane accurate real-time traffic data collection of vehicle per vehicle data: time of detection (date, hour, minute, second and hundredth of a second), direction, speed and length (class); data transmission; and the possibility to connect a network of radars to one data-collection device (concentrator) for further processing (aggregation, flow, occupancy and lane discrimination).

Traffic queue or incident detection equipment

TMS-QD queue or incident detection equipment provides vehicle counting and speed measurement with built-in adjustable queue and no-queue conditions for danger warnings.

ISO-certified microwave sensors for intelligent traffic systems

Client satisfaction is our goal: our team is eager to cooperate with our clients and find products to suit their needs. Our quality system is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

For many years Icoms Detections has been strongly export-oriented (more than 70% of turnover is derived from this sector). France, the UK, Italy, Canada and Portugal are currently the most important export markets.

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