APM PRO Intelligent Road Transport Systems for Road Traffic

APM PRO supplies intelligent transport systems, which deliver traffic information, monitoring and weighing-in motion services.

Multimodal system for traffic monitoring

OnDynamic is an intelligent framework of maintenance-free Bluetooth sensors and specialised software. It handles large quantities of scattered traffic data, and is easy to install at road intersections.

The multimodal system supplies real-time data concerning travel time, average section speed, and traffic problems, as well as pollution, atmospheric status, and road surface conditions.

Detection of vehicles entering intersection on red light

RedLight PRO is a non-invasive, hardware-software solution, which detects vehicles entering an intersection past a red traffic light.

The system consists of cameras observing the emitted light signal, and vehicles going from and towards an intersection. It records traffic offences, providing video sequences of the vehicle involved.

RedLight PRO also records traffic intensity statistics, and the speed distribution of vehicles entering the intersection.

Weigh-in-motion for road vehicles

WIM PRO is a technologically advanced solution providing weighing-in-motion, vehicle identification, and information for road users with overloaded vehicles.

The solution supplies administrative weighing, and a current statistic traffic parameters evaluation. Systematic analysis allows drivers to take appropriate actions to increase traffic safety, and maintain road surfaces.

WIM PRO’s user interface displays real-time data about a vehicle’s weight, image and registration plate. Scales are constructed in accordance to the European specification COST323 in B(10) and B+(7) classes.

Weather parameters measurement on roads

Meteo PRO systems are state-of-the-art devices for measuring meteorological parameters.

They consist of masts with sensors placed along the road, and a mobile detector, which provides operators and road users with data on current weather conditions, such as air temperature, surface, wind speed and direction, precipitation intensity and type, glaze and visibility conditions.

Meteo PRO systems inform drivers about potentially threatening weather conditions, reducing the risk of traffic incidents.

The weather data analysed by the systems is sent to drivers in a variety of ways, including variable message signs and internet portals.


APM PRO is a leading innovator in modern IT solutions for road traffic safety, with 20 years of experience in traffic systems integration and information technology services (ITS).

The company’s highly developed research and development section creates software and hardware solutions, which are suited for clients’ expectations and requirements.

APM PRO carries out tasks comprehensively, ranging from designing and engineering, project realisation, implementation and start-up, to support and maintenance.

The company’s installations meet worldwide reliability standards for high-availability 3rd and 4th class systems.

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APM PRO at Intertraffic Amsterdam 2016

Visit us at Intertraffic Amsterdam 2016, taking place from 5-8 April at the Amsterdam RAI Convention Centre.


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Press Release

3 March 2016

Visit us at Intertraffic Amsterdam 2016, taking place from 5-8 April at the Amsterdam RAI Convention Centre.

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8 February 2016

APM PRO's OnDynamic system has been nominated for an Intertraffic Innovation Award.

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