MSR-Traffic Parking Guidance Systems for Road Vehicles


MSR-Traffic offers intelligent vehicle parking guidance systems.

Motorists are guided to the next free parking space by the company’s dynamic traffic control system, which can be connected to apps or existing control systems.

Outdoor parking guidance systems

MSR-Traffic’s cutting-edge magnetic field sensors are weather-proof and offer high detection accuracy. They are installed underneath the road surface so that they are protected from snow-ploughs and vandalism.

If a vehicle enters a parking space, the sensor relays an alert via radio to a server for processing and evaluation.

MSR-Traffic’s systems can be seamlessly integrated with ticket machines and other navigation and parking guidance solutions.

The easy-to-install sensors save time for parking attendants due to their fast, accurate real-time billing for parking fees.

Parking sensors for multi-storey car parks

MSR-Traffic provides long-lasting, highly accurate ultrasonic sensors that register the availability of parking spaces and process the information in a controller / central PC.

Indoor parking garages can use the sensors to count inbound and outbound vehicles across single levels or entire areas.

Car park occupancy data is indicated on LED displays installed on every car park level and at the main entrance. Customers can use the displays to find the nearest available parking space, saving time and reducing traffic.

Moreover, the optimised parking utilisation decreases ventilation costs.

LED displays for parking availability

MSR-Traffic also supplies dynamic LED displays, allowing project developers to acquire all necessary systems from a single provider.

Symbols such as arrows and numbers can be configured individually on the displays to meet customer specifications

The long-lasting systems are weatherproof and easy to read, as well as reduce maintenance costs.

Control centre for car park sensors and monitoring systems

The ParkGard® Control Center allows clients to monitor parking spaces in real-time, facilitating occupancy statistics or profitability analysis. Data from the control centre can be exported in a CSV file.

In addition to the statistical and evaluation functions, sensors and displays can be controlled via the ParkGard Control Center for a range of purposes, such as reserving parking spaces and detecting illegally parked cars.

The control centre enables flexible integration of further applications, such as indoor gas detection systems and a timer for automatic and regular commands, as well as automatically alerts the user of defective units.

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Press Release

MSR Summer Projects 2017

Over the last few months, MSR-Traffic has received some interesting orders to implement innovative parking guidance systems. In the following you can find a small selection of very gratifying projects in four different countries:

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Intelligent Parking Guidance Systems

MSR-Traffic offers innovative sensor technology for counting and single space detection of vehicles in indoor and outdoor areas.


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Press Release

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Over the last few months, MSR-Traffic has received some interesting orders to implement innovative parking guidance systems. In the following you can find a small selection of very gratifying projects in four different countries:

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