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Lüft has been developing and supplying traffic technology for more than 45 years.

The company’s road traffic products can be divided into four segments: traffic-calming, noise protection, signage, and e-commerce.

Road traffic calming technology

Lüft develops and implements traffic-calming and speed reduction technology across Europe.

As an experienced supplier, we offer integrated traffic-calming solutions such as traffic islands, guidance systems, and plant islands.

Traffic island systems

Lüft provides a patented traffic island concept for separating, calming and safely guiding traffic. Mobile or stationary traffic islands can be built in six standard widths, and any length.

Traffic islands are made from durable, weatherproof, and environmentally friendly recycled plastic. They are highly visible to drivers due to their light anthracite covering, white edges, and reflective beads.

Traffic islands are implemented as crossing aids, lane dividers, central islands, or side confinements. They can also be used for rerouting traffic.

Guide systems for road traffic

Available in two different lengths and heights, Lüft’s guidance systems are sturdy attachment elements connected to form straight lines, curves, radii, and various traffic islands.

The elements are built from extremely strong materials, which are designed to be cut, ground and planed for different specifications. High-quality light powder coatings can be applied via a flame-spray process to provide greater visibility for road users.

The systems can have a height of 0.25m or 0.50m. They can be used as traffic control, side confinements, island solutions, and as control systems for roundabouts. The elements can be connected and aligned quickly to form sturdy, elegant systems for controlling traffic.

Traffic islands with plants

Comprising four moulded parts of high-quality recycled plastic, traffic islands with plants can be used as lane dividers or roundabout sections.

Plant traffic islands are constructed on ‘feet’ which allow for easy water drainage, thereby reducing construction times and traffic hindrance.

Lüft’s plant islands can be used as crossing supports and centre circle islands, and enable prompt conversions for roundabout crossing areas.

Noise protection for roads

Due to their high absorption, Lüft’s noise protection walls provide effective sound barriers.

The company’s sound protection systems can be decorated with plants to make them more visually appealing.

With its patented, highly absorbent sound protection systems, including vegetated and stone wall recycling sound barriers, Lüft is an experienced partner for your noise protection projects.

Vegetated wall recycling for noise protection

The Lüft vegetated recycling wall is a noise protection system made from recycled plastic, and filled with soil to enable vegetated growth.

This versatile, modular sound protection system allows for special constructions such as building arches, radii, bends, and steps at the start and end of the noise protection wall.

Construction elements for vegetated recycling walls are built to last in wet and dry conditions, and are able to meet sound protection requirements for up to 50 years.

The design and construction of the Lüft vegetated wall can be adapted for local conditions. It is a visually attractive solution, which effectively absorbs noise.

Noise protection in stone wall recycling walls

Lüft’s patented, recycled gabion stone wall is a highly absorbent noise protection solution, which perfectly supplements the vegetated wall.

The recycled gabion stone wall is installed using a simple plug-in system. Our noise protection specialists are available for additional information about this innovative system.

Signage and traffic technology

Our experienced teams use traffic technology to implement large and small signs, concrete work, and guard rail installation.

Lüft provides competent service and professional execution for traffic technology on roads and airports.

The company has delivered and installed wind protection fences and mobile fence elements as part of the expansion of Kassel-Calden airport.

Lüft has also implemented traffic technology at Frankfurt Airport, one of Europe’s largest airports. This includes path-breaking signage and overhead guideposts, repairs for accidental damage to guard railing at Terminal 1, and many other technical traffic solutions.

E-commerce for road traffic products

Lüft offers versatile products for traffic-calming, security and parking space design through our online shop.

The shop supplies additional information about our products, including speed ramps for traffic calming, park stops or hoop guards for parking spaces, guide barrier separators for narrow roads, and light-emitting diode (LED) reflectors.

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Traffic Calming Project in the City of Hamburg, Germany

With the emotions running high with the residents the local city government decided to implement a large-scale live experiment with the Lüft flexible, modular traffic calming islands.

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