UK-based hydrogen power generation technologies developer AFC Energy has partnered with ABB to develop hydrogen-powered electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions.

Under the new partnership, the two companies will focus on the joint deployment of integrated high-power EV charging systems across key ABB markets such as private and logistics vehicle hubs, charge point operators, and urban transportation.

AFC Energy CEO Adam Bond said: “Today marks an historic milestone in the commercialisation of our proprietary hydrogen fuel cell as we commence a long-term relationship with ABB. This strategic partnership is fully aligned with AFC Energy’s go-to-market strategy, with ABB providing strong and credible access to key customer channels in Europe and overseas.

“It will bring to market a unique, zero-emission solution powered by world leaders in electrification and alkaline fuel cell technologies, to enable deployment of future high power EV charging infrastructure.

“This is a key step on the journey to full decarbonisation of mobility and transport across the globe, as we continue to drive down costs and further increase manufacturing scale, underwritten by emerging global market opportunities.”

In addition, the charging systems will be designed to power marine and vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) craft as electrification continues to foray into the aviation and marine industries.

The joint system will initially be deployed in the UK, Europe, the US and other parts of the globe by the second half of 2021.

The two companies have also agreed to jointly market the integrated product and create a communications strategy for system branding and deployment.

AFC Energy and ABB believe that their new solution would provide a secure, efficient, flexible and reliable local power supplies, with zero emissions.

The two companies anticipate that their EV charging infrastructure will help in meeting the global demand for EV solutions.