Intel-subsidiary Mobileye has entered a partnership with United Arab Emirates (UAE)-based business conglomerate Al Habtoor Group (AHG) to deploy robotaxis and mobility services in Dubai, UAE.

The new partnership between the two companies is expected to pave way for the deployment of driverless mobility solutions in Dubai using Mobileye’s autonomous vehicle (AV) technology.

Under the new collaboration, Mobileye will offer mapping technologies for advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), self-driving vehicles, and smart city solutions.

AHG founding chairman Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor said: “I am thrilled to reveal this collaboration today with Professor Amnon Shashua.

“Together, we are bringing to the UAE the best of Israeli artificial intelligence. I am confident of the added value of this new technology to the comfort and safety of the drivers on the road.

“I believe that the technology which is today made accessible to the UAE by this MoU between Al Habtoor Group and Mobileye will improve the quality of life for all UAE residents.”

By next year, Mobileye 8 Connect technology will be installed across 1,000 cars on a pilot basis to gather data for insights and map creation to make these services possible.

In the same year, Mobileye-powered autonomous vehicles are expected to be deployed in Dubai to begin public-road testing.

By 2022, Mobileye and Al Habtoor expect to start an early rider programme to test its mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) offering.

In 2023, the two parties intend to jointly launch and commercialise a Mobileye-powered driverless mobility service for UAE consumers.

Mobileye president and CEO Amnon Shashua said: “This historic collaboration between Mobileye and Al Habtoor Group presents an opportunity to transform UAE cities by accelerating smart city development and advancing transportation services with the most cutting-edge technology.”

The signing of Abraham Accords between Israel and the UAE is said to have provided a platform for establishing this new partnership.