T7 Global Berhad subsidiary T7 Kemuncak has reached an agreement with China Construction Third Engineering to form a new joint venture (JV) company, T7 China Construction Third Engineering Sdn Bhd.

T7 Kemuncak and China Construction Third Engineering will hold 51% and 49% stakes in the JV respectively.

The JV aims to become a key player in the Malaysian construction market by executing key projects in the country.

The Government of Ontario has agreed to invest C$170m ($137m) in the bus rapid transit (BRT) project in London. The total cost of the project is estimated to be C$498m ($400m).

The new BRT system will offer a 23.7km route passing through the busiest corridors of the city.

The proposed project is expected to reduce traffic issues in Ontario and enhance the number of passengers using public transport.

The Myanmar Ministry of Construction (MoC) has signed an agreement with International Finance Corporation (IFC), to receive advisory services for the development of an elevated expressway toll road in Yangon.

“The Government of Ontario has agreed to invest C$170m ($137m) in the bus rapid transit (BRT) project in London.”

Under the agreement, IFC will act as the lead advisor and will assist MoC in finding a developer for the construction of the project.

The 20.5km-long, four-lane toll road will be built under a public-private partnership (PPP) model. It is expected to resolve internal traffic issues and enhance connectivity in the region.

Maharashtra State Road Development (MSRDC) has awarded a $17m contract to a US-based construction services provider Louis Berger.

The project management services for the three-phase development of the Versova-Bandra Sea Link (VBSL) project will be offered by Louis Berger, under the contract.

The investment on the 10km-long, eight-lane VBSL is estimated to be $1bn.

The new highway is expected to enhance connectivity between suburbs of Versova and Bandra.

Australia-based Transurban Group has secured a contract from the Virginia Government for the extension of 95 Express Lanes to Fredericksburg. The project will reduce the traffic congestion across express lanes in Virginia.

A two-lane road spanning 16km will be constructed from the south terminal in Route 610 to Route 17, under the project.

Transurban will also develop seven bridges and several access points along the express lanes.