UK transport authority Highways England has drafted updated guidance for the Highway Code to help drivers understand how motorways and high-speed roads operate.

The code has been updated in collaboration with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), which carries out driving tests in the UK.

The updated guidance includes advice on where to stop during an emergency, the importance of not driving in a lane that is marked as closed by a red ‘X’ indication, and the implementation of variable speed limits to manage congestion.

It also covers key factors that can lead to incidents, including driving while tired, using unroadworthy vehicles, safe towing, tailgating and driving through roadworks.

Highways England said that the Highway Code had been revised after taking inputs from thousands of drivers, motoring groups and transport organisations.

Under this initiative, Highways England will amend around 33 existing rules and introduce two new rules.

The amendments are expected to become part of the Highway Code later this year.

Highways England Road Safety head Jeremy Phillips said: “The updates to the Highway Code will help everyone who uses our busiest roads.

“Thanks to the input from road users, we have been able to produce clearer guidance on how to use our motorways and major A-roads to make journeys even safer.

“The new edition of the Highway Code can give everyone on our roads the confidence that they have the knowledge and skills to safely get from A to B.”

Highways England said it is important that road users are aware of the Highway Code and understand their responsibility towards safety.

Earlier this month, the transport authority announced a £218m ($307m) investment to improve roads, pavements and bridges in the East of England.

The investment will be made over the next 12 months to improve the infrastructure across all major motorways and A-roads in the region, including the M11, A14, A1, A47 and A12.