German road safety solutions provider Jenoptik has secured orders for the supply of traffic safety equipment in the US and Canada to support Vision Zero initiatives.

Under the $21m orders, the company will deliver new traffic camera systems to help increase road safety and security in North America.

The multi-national road traffic safety project Vision Zero aims to accomplish a highway system with zero fatalities or serious injuries caused by road traffic accidents.

The deliverables included in the order are existing TraffiStar road safety equipment and the Vector camera platform newly developed by Jenoptik.

Jenoptik president and CEO Dr Stefan Traeger said: “Jenoptik is committed to helping improve the safety and security in communities and our Vector solutions represent a step forward to safer cities with our traffic enforcement technology.”

The Vector platform incorporates a deep learning automatic license plate recogition (ALPR) software in conjuction with Jenoptik’s 3D tracking radar module.

The software is high-accuracy technology that instantaneously detects the speed of the moving vehicle.

Vector has been developed as a complementary enforcement device to the ALPR.

The camera platform serves as a cost-effective solution to manage vehicle speeds over short distances. This will allow the road safety authorities to address collision hot spots.

TraffiStar road safety equipment uses a SR390 3D radar measurement system that precisely and accurately monitors traffic in up to six lanes.

In November 2018, Jenoptik secured orders for the delivery of hundreds of speed enforcement systems. These orders were awarded by two clients in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.