Global intelligent transport systems (ITS) provider Kapsch TrafficCom has completed the installation of the all-electronic tolling (AET) system designed for the New York State Thruway Authority (NYSTA) in the US.

With the new AET system becoming operational, commuters travelling on NYSTA-operated roads can pay their vehicle tolls via automatic electronic toll collection (ETC).

Kapsch TrafficCom North America president Chris Murray said: “The launch of this comprehensive and advanced AET system highlights NYSTA’s leadership in providing seamless and efficient transportation for drivers.

“Paying cashless tolls will reduce traffic congestion and vehicle emissions, and contribute to smoother traffic flow along the Thruway in New York state. We are glad for the strong collaboration with NYSTA that led our teams to successfully deliver this ambitious project.”

Kapsch said that the sensors and lasers deployed on the Kapsch gantries will automatically determine vehicle class and calculate the toll rate accordingly.

Going forward, all the toll plazas will be removed and replaced with the AET system to  ensure a smooth traffic flow.

For this project, Kapsch used a redundant and dual central host system, walkable gantries and bracket-mounted equipment for performing toolless maintenance without lane closures.

The company deployed automatic classification of the 26 NYSTA vehicle classes by using advanced sensor metrics and algorithms.

In October 2017, Kapsch TrafficCom secured a contract from the Madrid City Council to implement an intelligent mobility system in the Spanish city.