UAE capital, Abu Dhabi, is planning to invest $100m to upgrade transport and traffic technologies in the city.

Work includes setting up a light signal network in Mohammed bin Zayed City, introducing Virtual Messaging Signs, expanding the CCTV camera network, upgrading the traffic and control systems on Abu Dhabi island, as well as deploying fixed electronic traffic counters.

In the past ten years, the capital city has already installed traffic systems at 120 signal junctions, 160 surveillance cameras, a central traffic control unit, built a 200km-long optic fibre network, and deployed 90 cameras.

At present, 250 new signal junctions have been installed with traffic systems in areas under development on Yas, Reem, Saadiyat, Al Sawah and Raha Beach, which is controlled by three traffic control centres.

In addition, UAE is planning to implement traffic systems to regulate 30,000km of road networks, which is expected to reduce road deaths by 40% and improve traffic movement by 30%, according to