BMW Group, a global manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles and Mobileye, a global technology company that develops of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, have agreed to introduce Mobileye's Road Experience Management (REM) data generation technology.

The new technology will be incorporated in all new car models developed by BMW Group entering into the automotive market next year.

BMW Development Board of Management member Klaus Fröhlich said: "This announcement demonstrates that our partnership is rapidly bringing innovation to market to allow customers to benefit from the latest technology.

"Both companies have entered into this new agreement in order to further promote automated driving in a safe and robust way."

“At a strategic level, this announcement makes it clear how our cooperation with Mobileye leverages our investment stake in HERE. The data of future BMW vehicles will enrich the quality of maps and services for everyone.

“Furthermore, this represents a significant step towards introducing the BMW iNEXT with its features of highly automated driving in 2021, as well as creating a leading ecosystem around HERE's Open Location Platform leveraged by swarm data from millions of vehicles across the world.”

The agreement primarily focuses on obtaining crowd-source real-time data from vehicles equipped with camera-based Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS) technology.

The obtained data is reported to be crucial for autonomous vehicles using next-generation high definition (HD) maps as it will help in making driving safer and more efficient for consumers.

Both companies have entered into this new agreement in order to further promote automated driving in a safe and robust way.

As per the terms of the agreement, BMW Group sensor data will be merged along with data from other automakers and will be uploaded into Mobileye's Global RoadBook (GLRB), which will rapidly update HD maps with highly accurate localisation capabilities.

Autonomous vehicles use HD maps, which have the ability to detect and update changes in the environment with near real-time speed enabling very short time to reflect reality.

The data will act as a dynamic layer to the existing and future navigation maps, which can be accessed by BMW Group customers for real-time information on traffic density, potential road hazards, weather conditions and other important information.

For creating and updating HD mapping rapidly, the BMW Group and Mobileye will transfer the anonymised data to HERE, a mapping and location service provider.

HERE will use this data to update HERE HD Live Map, HERE's real-time cloud service for partially, highly and fully automated vehicles, as well as enhancing its Open Location Platform, ensuring an accurate illustration of the real world as it changes.