Canadian-based road traffic management system engineering company International Road Dynamics (IRD) will soon build a new port-of-entry (POE) electronic screening system (ESS) for commercial vehicles at Interstate-35 Northbound in Love County, Oklahoma.

The company has won a contract worth $2.59m for building and installing, as well as maintaining the screening system, from the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT).

The screening system allows direct access to trucks with compliant weight, dimensions and credentials to bypass the POE, therefore reducing the wait time at the inspection stations and reducing gas emissions.

Under the contract, IRD will also supply and install its Weigh-in-Motion (WIM) and intelligent Roadside Operation Credentialling system.

UK-based, integrated highways service provider VolkerHighways has been awarded a seven-year public realm contract worth $14.4m by West Berkshire Council.

Under the contract, effective from October this year, the British company will take care of inspecting and maintaining highway bridges, street lights and pavements covering a 1,278km area throughout the Berkshire district.

The company’s area of work will also include introducing improvement schemes, salting the road and providing help during emergency on the highway.