EVSE Smart Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

EVSE’s electric car chargers are designed to deliver increased safety, reduced liability and ease of integration with existing systems.

Whether they will be utilised at public parking garages, private residences or workplace parking areas, they provide the charging and payment capabilities that electric vehicle (EV) owners need to keep their vehicles running.

In order to be classified as a ‘smart’ charging station, an EV charger must be capable of wireless communication with other electronic devices, interfacing with payment systems, integrating with power grids and automatic connector cable extension / retraction. By featuring all of these elements, our EV chargers are suitable for virtually any application in the parking industry.

When used in conjunction with our support products and services, including handheld testing devices for installers, payment modules and mobile app activation, our chargers can be up and running quickly.

Our smart-grid ready solutions can control power and pricing during peak usage periods by accepting Automated Demand Response signals and are designed for seamless integration with multiple parking access and payment systems, including Amano McGann and others.

Electric vehicle charging solutions for the road industry

Our economical and competitively priced 3703 ChargeWorks EV Charger can be pole or wall-mounted, depending on the application.

Available as a standalone unit, the 3703 can also be equipped with other payment and network services, including Open Charge Points Protocol (OCPP) based backend office providers such as Greenlots. This enables all EV drivers to enjoy universal access with no member cards required.

Our 3704 AutoCoil EV Charger is the most advanced electric vehicle charging station available today, featuring our patented cable retraction capability for ease of use, equipment protection and compliance with applicable safety regulations.

This innovative system keeps the charging station cables off the ground at all times to help protect pedestrians from tripping and other hazards, which also helps property owners avoid exposure to accident claims and other potential liabilities.

Cable retraction is also a central feature of our 3722 EVSE Garage Overhead Charger, a ceiling-mounted solution that provides affordable, safe EV charging for public and private parking garages, as well as multi-dwelling residential lots. Its modular platform and optional track system also make this model ideal for auto dealerships.

Up to five electric vehicles can simultaneously be charged from a single station, eliminating the need for a dedicated EV charger for each parking space or service bay.

Automatic electronic EV charger cable management

Upon activation, the 3704 Autocoil EV Charger and the 3722 EVSE Garage Overhead Charger deliver the charger cables to the customer.

The user can then extend the cable to any desired length up to 20ft in order to connect the cable to the electric vehicle. When the charging process is complete, the cable automatically retracts into the housing.

For applications that do not require this level of functionality, the manual cable management of our 3703 ChargeWorks EV Charger offers more familiar operation, which is similar to that of a tyre pressure station or fuel pump.

Flexible electric car chargers for retrofit installations

All of our EV chargers offer secure, flexible integration with a variety of payment and access methods.

We can custom-tailor a solution to work with existing credit card processing systems, ID cards, parking tickets and more.

Our additional tools and support products are also adaptable to specific applications, making EVSE the preferred partner for EV charging solutions around the world.

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