Imtech Traffic & Infra has secured a contract in Copenhagen, Denmark, to deliver new traffic management applications for each of the capitals 365 road junctions.

The deal is the company’s first in the country and is part of a scheme to make the Danish capital completely carbon neutral by 2025.

Imtech CEO René van der Bruggen said the company has a large installed base of high-tech traffic solutions, such as traffic controllers and traffic lights, which are being used as part of an extensive upgrade involving the deployment of the latest technology and innovative traffic management systems.

The current contract comprises the upgrade, improvement and maintenance of all 365 road junctions in the city, including a traffic management system based on intelligent transport systems technology (ITS).

The initial order is valued at €10m, and will be expanded in due course. Imtech stated the contract is aimed at reducing the traffic contribution to city’s overall CO2 emissions to 10% by 2015 from the current 21%.

The company intends to use the latest information technology for simulation, real-time control and traffic communications. New traffic controllers will be linked to a real-time remote monitoring system that will help in reducing congestion.

Imtech said the technology being delivered is partly the result of previous successful European pilot and research projects, including CVIS, SAFESPOT and FREILOT. The company has also opened its office in Copenhagen to further strengthen its position in the European traffic market.

Copenhagen is seeking to reduce its CO2 emissions by 20% by 2015, and completely CO2 neutral by 2025. The city has launched more than 50 sustainability initiatives to achieve this objective for public transport and the transport industry.

About 36% of the residents of the Danish capital regularly travelled by bicycle last year and the target is to increase this figure to 50% by 2025, as well as to achieve optimal traffic flow with as few CO2 emissions as possible.