Spain-based Libelium has launched a new vehicle traffic monitoring platform that can sense traffic flow on roads.

The platform is capable of sensing the flow of bluetooth devices on a street, roadway or passageway and can differentiate hands-free car kits from pedestrian phones.

The system allows sensor data to be transferred by a multi-hop ZigBee radio, via an internet gateway, to a server for analysis of the vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

The platform enables system integrators to create intelligent monitoring systems for urban traffic.

It uses the new Expansion Radio Board for Waspmote, which allows connection of two different types of radio at the same time.

The system uses Bluetooth radio as a sensor to make enquiries and to detect nearby devices, while the ZigBee radio sends the information collected using its multi-hop capabilities.

The platform will help drivers to avoid congested roads, providing real time warnings on electronic displays through smartphone applications, while pedestrian monitoring helps to improve pedestrian traffic at airports, shopping centres, tourist destinations and sports stadiums.