The city of Orlando in the US is trialling new technology from Alcatel-Lucent that will monitor, manage and predict traffic patterns on roads and highways.

A trial is currently underway in downtown Orlando and will run until November.

The ITTS application uses analytical techniques from Bell Labs and Bluetooth technology to provide accurate traffic flow information in real time, journey / travel time information based on route selection on maps and real-time traffic congestion monitoring to identify changing traffic patterns.

Alcatel-Lucent’s platform will also predict traffic in extreme weather conditions, special events and provide speed distribution across lanes, personalised travel time predictions and green benefits through reduction in traffic congestion.

The system has an ability to provide live traffic updates through social media and personalised travel time predictions.

The information will help traffic agencies to manage both day-to-day and special event traffic in real time as well as help the regional planning organisations, municipalities and public safety agencies.